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Default Viva La Revolution


Deep within a midsummer night...

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent..."

Deep within Sector Alpha, in a quaint looking study, a lone young man with the most peculiar silver hair flipped through an old text. The large book was bound in hardcover and stunk of old newspaper more than old books normally stank. His gold eyes following the lines flow as the words entered his head, "... Martin Luther King, Jr., huh." A smirk crossed his features, almost wry, "The leaders of the past certainly are interesting characters..."

Knock, knock...

"It's open, come in," the man called out to the person at the door without so much looking up from his text.

The door swung open and in came the young Spaniard with mixed descent. His bright red hair only served to remind the reader of the old text that the British Invasion was more imminent than that of other nationalities; even those of Asian descent like himself were looking meager in numbers. Drake Locke-Romero, bombs specialist and factory worker in the public eye took his stance and gave his division lead a salute before announcing the news that the silver haired man was waiting to hear.

"Good evening, Mr. Kagamiya," Drake greeted formally, "The letters have been sent out to all the recent applicants that have been accepted. If things run smoothly we should have them all report to a meeting within Sector Gamma. Travel permits are also being delivered with the letters as are the PCCs."

Kagamiya, as Drake had called him, slowly nodded his head in approval, "Good, good... It certainly has been a while since my division has had any new recruits."

"Indeed it has, sir," Drake agreed simply, "Will you be attending the Orientation meeting? It is a week from today, at 1900 hours."

Kagamiya got up from his seat and closed his book, walking to the window to gaze out at the rich scenery that belonged to Sector Alpha; beautiful lush green, elegant architecture inspired by ancient Rome that gleamed with white rather than the dull greys of the lower districts, citizens happily going on with their lives talking of the latest implants for lifespan increase.. The usual. Though all of the Division heads were required to keep an office within Sector Alpha to keep up with the current happenings, it still bothered Kagamiya and the others that they had to watch over such pigs. "Yes, I will attend. After all, I think it would be good for me to greet my newest troops, after all."

Drake rose a brow, "You're talking awfully openly about our 'work'... Don't they have the entire sector bugged with cameras and the like?"

"I took the liberty of dismantling them," Kagamiya replied simply, "Is there anything else you have to report to me?"

"No, that will be all," Drake clasped his hands behind his back.

"You are dismissed," Kagamiya turned to Drake, "Try not to cause any trouble before leaving the district. You know how law enforcement is up here in Sector Alpha, after all."

Drake scowled before turning sharply and leaving the room.


The following week...

**You have received your letter, your custom set PCCs, a dress code guideline to follow, a Travel permit to go freely between Sectors Beta through Episilon as well as documents leading you to where the meeting place is! The letter you received praises your strengths and generally says you will be a great asset to the team! Don't let your superiors down and just work on getting to the meeting on time; it is at 234 Memorial Road, Crescent Hall in room 5B. The documents you received came with a pin number for the lock mechanism, so don't lose it.**

Drake laid back on one of the couches within the meeting room, not giving a shit that he still had his combat boots on. Before him on the two small coffee tables in the room were various snacks, from even the unhealthiest junk food to the freshest of vegetables and fruits. Cheeses lay on plates too, and on another table were desserts and treats for those with particularly sweet tooths. Shortly before Drake dialed up Nihiru, hoping she'd show up since she'd be one of the squad captains for the team. He himself was the other captain. Meanwhile further back in a large, cushioned chair was Kagamiya, drinking his coffee and snacking on some toffee of all things. On his desk rested a plate with two cupcakes.

"So... Chief," Drake called out from where he laid around, "What's up with the cupcakes?"

"One of the applicants requested two cupcakes, so they're getting two cupcakes," Kagamiya replied simply.

Drake, having already lost interest, replied with a bored sounding, "Oh."


From the outside, the building looked as boring and simple as the rest of Sector Gamma. Though richer than Delta and Episilon, signs of decay were evident as was the people's suffering for trying to keep up with their jobs just to stay within the narrow niche that was the middle class. Though buildings were mostly in shape, it was clear that they had seen better days. There was not much green either, as most of it had been paved over except in suburban areas that developed shortly after the Protos Veneficio plasma barriers had come into effect (unique to Vasanta, technology that mostly blocks the Hel Desperatio storm when it comes).

How are the applicants doing? Are they going to show up?

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