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Originally Posted by kale15
and then everyone would have to start their adventure books over and do every single key quest over, and probably sticker quests. The adventure book currently stops at tap, a lvl 100-130 zone would make it equal to rose garden. So they would have to add it in between ghost blue - rose, or rose - swamp. Meaning either after you do tap's key quests you do quest half your level, or they restart everyone's adventure books, or just add them in and if you missed them "sucks for you".

Also the current lowest lvl phantom school monster is 51 and the highest is 185, thats a 134 level difference. for comparison rose garden goes from lvl 138 dancer michel to 196 bone magican (58 lvls) and oops goes from 68 to 86 (18 lvls). it would take alot of work to change and balance it for any one lvl range.

Also they recently chose night mare's in phantom school to continue to drop janus mask, and make it a dark lord job change item. That is how much they care about phantom school, to use exactly what's there for a new quest. They don't care enough to balance the current quests there. They don't care enough about it when given two chances to change it(revolution, season 2), to change it. Before the janus mask I was more likely to believe that they would remove the phantom school and just leave phantom dungeon. While I want to be wrong, they have shown they don't care about phantom school and they will not update it.

Your suggestion is that of they are just waiting for an inspiration to change it, mine is just install an event in phantom school and forget to ever remove it.
Ahh forgot about the adventure book as I dont bother taking notice of it.

Then they should do it with side quests like your suggestion, kinda like the poppur dungeon, throw in some quests, update the old ones give a few rewards some more tm and mq or even a party quest, increase the size of the rooms (for drilling purposes as currently they are too small with all the agro monsters that non senses have hell drilling there) and make a phantom equip set.