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Originally Posted by kale15
it hasn't been neglected, it's been abandoned. There's no way to update it into the game, the best they can hope to do is make it a "side-quest" area, but that will piss everyone off as when I wrote how they could make phantom school usable the response was "it should be for lvl 200-300". Of course they can't do that now as they made janus mask, a nightmare drop the monster at the "end" of phantom school, a required item for dark lords. Meaning a lvl 130 must be able to travel all of phantom school .

You can read my phantom school suggestion here
I still have no idea on what to suggest with love hunter robin's quests.
Could revo it for higher levels if they put nightmares in a lower area (path to phantom school keeping it the same level) or have another monster drop janus masks. Other wise if they did add a key quest there it would have to be for low level, personally think they should use it for lv 100-130 if they ever did, Phantom school being lv100 to 120 and annex being 120-130 with some tm quests to help get to 120tm lv.

Nice to have a phantom school equip set too.

As for spicy trioals and set, the trials ofcorse will be tricky as its a higher level but I dont think they will be that long, odinas and sokis arnt that long compared to the dread trials or tombeth, as for the element it doesnt have to be fire, could be electric as he uses the thunderbolt thingy skill, you only want it to be fire but the programmers can add any att they want without it making sense.

Tut's set being all gold reminds me of an electrifyd weapon to be honest.

Tomebeth is a rock golem thingy and should of been soil to make sense, not air.

The dread boss (forget his name and i dont really care for him lol) should of been dark as its an evil sword that steals souls or something.

As for spicy altho he should be fire to make sense as hes a volcano dragon they could make him light or even water and as our gms have been know to change att on equips you never know if they meddle on it.

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