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Originally Posted by TheBlackCatXIII
Thanks for sharing!! It's good to see that you're hanging in there and getting on with each day. I have been tagging along with church to head out onto the street one night each week to eat and talk with them, people end up there for all sorts of reasons :C and some of them couldn't get into employment because they simply don't have the skills/intellect/mental state to do so. It is sad to see that was the furthest the Salvation Army could go, but from what I have gathered, Christian ministries to the poor are severely underfunded. The guy who's in charge of the current ministry I am tagging along to - worked in it for 12 years and he has to sacrifice a lot of time and most likely his own resources too to keep it running.
Anyhow, keep hanging in there man, it seems you could begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel! I'll pray for you I hope somehow you'll manage to find Christ too!
Thanks for the reply and well wishes. I moved into my new house last week (as of today) and got the internet set up a couple days ago. So yeah, progress is certainly being made and now I have three jobs with my sister's publishing company. Proofreading, managing the website and handling the distribution of her books.

As for the Christian organizations being underfunded, it's not just them, it's everything. Social security seems to be evaporating from everywhere when so many people need it the most. It's not bums and crazy people that wind up homeless. It's pretty much everybody these days. My mom's roommate at the Community House was a girl from a wealthy family who just married the wrong guy and he abused her 'til she left. She had nowhere else to go, so she wound up there.

The government needs to get its ass in gear. I seem to recall something about it being of the people, by the people and for the people or something along those lines and it seems like we're all being abandoned unless we've done drugs or committed felonies. Because those are the people who are never denied social security. Those are some backasswards priorities.