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Originally Posted by xVanx01
Well. This is basically the back story. I saw xmoongunner posting B>plvl
I asked josh(xmoonmage) if that was his lion or an imposter. He said that's his friend Departure the sheep and she wouldn't scam. I trusted her cause Josh was well known and knows this person.

She couldn't get the myshop on Saturday so she told me to wait until Tuesday that's why it wasn't GF.
I can't believed I fell for it... I got scammed the same way 2 years ago. *feel like an idiot*
I plvled her Departure and Recreant to 140 or so, can't remember. Also her xmoongunner from 32 to 8x. First time she paid first, second time she promised me noc staff and tempest circlet after I'm done with her plvs which she did at the end of the session. xmoongunner i did it for free for her.

I didn't get scammed so I don't think she's a scammer.