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Trust and sharing is a very simple yet hard thing to achieve because of our (or at least my) sinful nature.
It's amazing how self-seeking and unloving I could be, there are thoughts that comes out of my mind and heart that are just so....... evil... :C
I still remember shortly after I came to Christ, there was this friend of mine who I would have known for quite a few years was really excited. But she came in contact with my friends in the past and created a rather negative image amongst my friends even though getting to know her, I know she's not as bad as people make her out to be.
So what I did was, concerning too much about my stupid reputation, I'd keep her like a secret friend (if you read the book you might get an even better picture of what that means). In front of others, even if I don't participate in some of the trash talking, I would never have stood up for her. That was really bad because she trusted me, she broke off the friendship (completely justified) and we weren't friends for quite a while, and then we were friends again. One thing I tell her though is that she's probably wise to not put too much trust in me because sometimes I can't even trust myself, not with these inhumane thoughts and desires that crosses my mind everyday. But I did tell her to have faith and trust in God that He'll take care of her whether it's through me or not, have faith in God that He'll keep me in check and not make the same old mistake again.
Jesus did say His disciples are meant to be in one another, there is no "my problem" or "his/her problem" amongst us, a body's problem is a body's problem. I would say if a bunch of friends come together and strived for that, you could tell them anything and you don't have to owe them because you know that if he/she came up to you, you would do the exact same thing back. There is only one debt Christians have to pay - "the continual debt to love", if you were to come up to me with a problem and wanting to share, I would've owe you before you even begin speaking because of what God had done.
But you know, it's interesting you mentioned it seems people weren't created to share and trust one another, I do think we were created for that, except "we're all like sheeps that had gone astray". I still remember C.S. Lewis once said something along the lines of "If I don't feel like the world around me is where I should be in, chances are - I was created for another world or time than the one I am living in right now."

It really depends on the person, their beliefs, attitudes, worldviews and personality in general. Trust is a big leap, but could be very rewarding when you have trusted someone who's trustworthy :>
It feels awesome when love is in the air where a bunch of people get together striving to love one another like Jesus and His disciples did ~____~.... Don't get to feel that everyday but it does happen once in a while! From the sounds of it, you did have a glimpse of it back then when you were really close to your friend :O
Hope you'd be able to find someone who you could trust completely!
We already got enough hate, selfishness and prejudices in this world, the only rebellion left is to love and serve one another like Christ and His disciples did.

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