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Unhappy no such possibility to get grant in NAGC ha

since they detect the "direct association"
and the other user pined with my account
no he get in trobble
so do i
and i got banned during angry bosses event
i send several email
and now they give me an reply that not by machine

Hello gongbazhongs,

The Terms of Use agreement is a legal and binding contract all players must first agree to and then adhere to while utilizing SG Interactive’s services. It serves as both an instructional guide on accepted behaviors, and a warning against violations.

Any time an account may be considered high-risk, or has been found to be in violation of the Terms of Use Agreement, the account and any associated accounts are locked for investigation.

Due to the fact that SG Interactive representatives have already warned against violations to our Terms of Use agreement on our website and in our games in the past, access to the “gongbazhongs” account will not be granted.

Specifically – Direct association with account(s):


Any violation of the Terms of Use Agreement can and will be actioned up to and including termination of the account(s). The Terms of Use Policy can be reviewed at the following link: Untitled Document

Any player found to be involved in compromising the security of any account may have any and all related accounts closed. This may include accounts found to have knowingly or illegally received items/money transferred from a compromised or “hacking” account. We conduct reviews on all accounts involved and the account(s) that received the items/money and action all implicated account(s).

If you wish to appeal the account ban, please feel free to respond to this email with details as to the nature of your dispute.

Warmest Regards,←i prefer it's should be iron hummer


you kidding me right
and 20 some bucks i didnt spend yet
all character with 4th job
you think it's easy?
do you know how long time i spend just with FOA?
that maga keep steeling my mp and i cant do nothing about it
and now you just ban my account
and forever

my money
my time
my love
there for next time i make any video
i must put: dont try to find me in NAGC
i got banned forever
if you care
then dont play NAGC
there is no region block in KRGC

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