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Originally Posted by WhatThePhuc
yea if an OS is newer, that means it's better
just look at vista
I didn't imply that at all in what I said and that was a really bad joke.

But seriously, what Red said. 7 is genuinely better than XP.

I'll wait and see what my friend says about 8 before I consider it. If he deems it usable and not another Vista, I'll switch over maybe. Actually what I'm concerned about the most is program compatibility, it's why I've stuck with XP for so long so that I don't have to worry it. But we're steadily reaching the point where XP needs to die and no longer be supported.

Ken; Easy for you maybe. Still takes me a week for lv1-100. And that's if I sit there and grind most of the day and try not to get distracted too much. 1-120 in 3 days, hahaha, like I could ever do that. Not everyone can and not everyone wants to.

Moff, your laptop sucks ass. How the balls did you ever play Eden? That's more of a load on a system than Maple is.