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Default Mining and Herbalism Materials

[Mari] S>Mining & Herbalism materials
As the title says I'm selling mining and herbalism materials also selling "Drab Ceremonial Dresses".

IGN: Advocates
Server: Mari
Channel: 4

- Iron Plate stack/ 8k (Negotiable - Limited Supplies)
- Iron Ingot Stack/ (Varies - Offer is preferred)
- Mythril Ore Fragments Stack/ 500g (Limited Supplies)
- Gold Ore Fragments Stack/ 500g (Limited Supplies)
- Silver Ore Fragments Stack/ 500g (Limited Supplies)
- Bronze Ore Fragments Stack/ 400g
- Unknown Ore Fragments Stack/ 100g *Free if you ask me at the beach while I'm sieving*

- White Herb Stack/ 20k (Negotiable)
- Mana Herbs Stack/ 5k (Negotiable)
- Bloody Herbs Stack/ 1.5k (Negotiable)
- Mandrake Stack/ 500g (Limited Supplies)
- Base Herbs Stack/ 300g
- Yellow Herbs Stack/ 200g

Also Selling "Drab Ceremonial Dresses" (Unisex - NMO)

You can also leave an order of the items on this thread and it will be given to you VIA mailbox in-game.

Thank you and have a great day.

- Advocates