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Default Regarding GE Updates

Raiden's Post:

Just got back from a 2 week long vacation and have beentrying to catch up on a lot of emails and work. I needed this vacation sincethe last one was back in 2010 and I was slowly running out of battery. But I amback, people!!

This announcement has been long pending and the last rumormade it necessary that I write this. First of all, the rumors are not right. Toclarify the statement put out by the FE team, there is no mention of S2 beingclosed. The game itself wasn’t mentioned because of one reason. Sword is whereit is.

Please do not over read statements and arrive at conclusions. Ifthe game is closing, I am confident that I will get to know about it firstrather than some game review site. And if I get to know about such a thing, thecommunity will hear about it from me.

Meanwhile, where we are actually at is that we are notupdating to 9.5. Don’t strangle your cat yet… read the rest.

We threw the plans to update the client to 9.5 and we arenow gunning for version 10.6 instead. The flip side is that there are stillmany factors that I need to take in account for and I do not have a release date foryou. Not even a wild guess to be completely honest.

This jump will result in a faster globalization process thatIMC has been working on. Once that comes to life, the content delivery systemwill change unlike anything and updates will not have to wait for months andyears at a time. More info on this later.

IMC sent another file related to 10.6 yesterday which is 20MB in size and I am already liking the things I am seeing in it. I am veryexcited and eager to release it as soon as possible. But please do not takethis statement as the bible for “10.6 is coming soon” rallies. I am NOT givingany dates yet and the update will only happen when we are ready.

In other news, we are also in discussion with IMC and HBSregarding the S2 contract. It is one of the factors that is affecting the blackout on the release plans. Apart from revealing this piece of info, I cannottalk anything else about it.

The day before I went on my holiday, we added a new bladeserver to the existing pool. I will be collecting data and feedback from the communityto see the impact that it has made (hopefully). If that isn’t an obvious sign as to how serious we are about Sword sinceblade servers cost a ton and cannot be mail ordered from wal-mart, I’m reallynot sure what I should do with such rumors.

Meanwhile, I will be busier than ever. A recent positionchange is going to keep me occupied along with the work on 10.6. Fynlo will betaking over a lot of responsibilities from my shoulders and will be handlingmore than just being the head GM. So if anything breaks, you should blame him.

I will also be bringing in more CS guys to clear off theback logs and to work on faster responses *writes this point down in my diary*YES I HAVE ONE. Get over it already!


YAY 10.6 is in the works...gonna take a bit longer though.. but I'm fine with that... booo.. its sad people can't take a vacation without their job being jumbled up and them having to do clean up when they get back...
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