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Feeling nostalgic, huh?
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Default A Guild Leader's Thoughts...

Okay. As you can tell, I don't go TO as often now.. Or "ATM" due to lack of interest, and lacking of any new story-related content that would get me pumped. And a new episode might have been planned for late of this year or maybe the next year... And the economy at Jewelia is just plain sad that I frown at the pixel venders. So I want a break, and somehow got back to RPing and enjoy writing crap stuff after getting enough digest on YA adventure/fantasy/suspense/historical fiction novels.

Hence.. Why I am not on alot.. And if i'm on, it's because I feel like it or because of the event. Sorry Towers, but after the story-quest, the rest is like a grind-fest, and I oddly lost the fun of it.

I am starting to loose my hope as a leader, and hosting M.C. And yet it's almost at the 2nd aniversary and I did not do a good thing about it to resurrect that place. X_X; That is why I really want to recruit a new leader and sub-mods who would love to keep the guild (and it's name) going! But everyone refuse and told me that the guild can't live without me... But now.. I guess I want to weep.

Now.. Most of my free times on the interbutts are role-playing and social to them via three anime personas. I still do got on TO, but only for a little bit of time.. Like once a week or two. And the forums was sort-of dying except for our (great) Randomness thread. Finally.. With that guild inactivity, I think the forums itself takes ggFTW's free space away for our non-TO/guild related doings.

I want to quit and close the guild for good. Maybe open a smaller guild to keep the lesser ggFTWers going under a new and fresh name. The website will still be online as a guild-reference... And then I'm not to sure about the forums itself...If we want to start fresh by re-uniting the 15 ggFTWers into a fresh guild page and open a space for ourselves... I don't know.

There are a few things that prevent me from closing.
  • You (surviving) members are precious and love M.C. so much as a piece of memory and/or history on Trickster, and it makes me happy and heart-warming. That's why I did not close it yet, cause I need EVERYONE's imput.
  • Hekutta, our pro-literate writer on our group is planning to leave TO/ggFTW for real-life reasons, mainly his sutdies in college. He will be pulling a contest soon, and we need this entire forum to gather up the little Tricksters and join the fun!
  • In all seriousness: I love "Mirage Coordinator" as a name. It was the first name in the "Umineko no Naku Koro Ni" ost that I LOVE to bits. I also have a secret excuse to have a guild named after a Umineko-related title, as a nudge-of-a-thank-you to Team R07 for making such a great (and twisted) sound novel. (Even though I never got the chance to read the entire damn thing 'cause I don't have a hard copy!) That's why I do not want to axe M.C. and would ratter have a guild leader who would want to take my crown away from my head.
  • And of course... There will be a way.. Or find a way to celebrate the 2nd aniversary of having that guild opened after that personal guild drama (You know this Jess...) back around 2008...

So... I need your word on this. It's almost summer and I want answers on M.C.'s fate! Sorry if it's loose... But at least something without making my brain go haywire! Any volunteers to take role of the next in-game mods and "Witch" (AKA the guild leader's title). The only request (if you want the job) is to keep all guild-related info and the member rank titles in-tact. ((Optional if you are a Seacats fangirl/fanboy!))

- Timer Rabbit (LadyGaap)

P.S. Finally and I will do this.. I am sharing my Facebook (AKA "failbook") if you want to contact me outside of ggFTW. Just tell me your IGN and server so I can tell that you are from there.. Oh and tell me MY IGN (Jewelia or Fantasia mains) for security check. Keep in mind that I make RP-like posts here, but I go "OOC" as well.

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