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Originally Posted by Almora

Yeah, water/elec has an easier time in bossing because of the extra debuff from shard.

It is a little bit smaller than cleaving, but nonetheless it has superb damage! It looks and works similar to a hybrid power's earthquake blade, just not elemental ;-; Earthquake has a spell circle like mana storm and when it hits, the monsters have red under their feet. Just wanted to give input on how it looks like, since some elements are so rare, that hardly any one has seen the actual skills(summon boulder anyone? :<). I just find it intriguing to learn about other classes' skill graphics and sounds xP

@Life: Lol and thanks!
I see. Thanks for explaining Earthquake more thoroughly. When you put it in terms of Power type's Earthquake Blade it's a lot easier for me to understand since my main is a Duelist.
And yes I totally agree that some Sheep skills remain a mystery. I actually don't think I have seen Razor Gale either and my old Wind sheep never got it...
I wish people wouldn't do the cookie cutter elements as much so there would be more variety. I kinda want to work on a Fire/Earth Sheep now hahaha.

Thanks for all the tips!


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