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Default Item stat caps

I made this to help me tell if something is worthless or not. So why not share.
Parentheses () mean that's the stat cap of a set/legendary. This is for end game, with item level 63 items, although high rolled 61/62 item levels could come near the caps as well I guess.

The lower range is based on the minimum amount needed to be worth anything in the AH. Of course, when you combine certain attributes you can still have a valuable item while having stats lower than the ones shown. But use your judgement for that. VIT is generally a bonus, if it has a high STR/DEX/INT, it'll sell.

It's funny how STR needs much higher rolls to be worth anything. Probably because nobody plays Barbs, and only one class needs STR...? Rings are also extremely valuable, despite low rolls. In weapons, DPS is most important, unless it has like a 300 stat roll with only 100, maybe 200 points off the lowest DPS roll, it's worthless. A high DPS with even 100 in a rolled stat (besides VIT...) is extremely valuable.

The best gems in the game grant +50 to a stat, so some items are actually cheaper/more efficient to buy lower base stats, but with sockets. The economy doesn't seem to care though, and low base stated items seem to be priced low anyway, even if they have a ton of sockets. Sockets are very valuable on sets/legendaries though.

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