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Originally Posted by WhatThePho
Freedom if you want to counter HWS's mode1. ARPA... well, it'll melt to KD beams before it does anything. Few players have Kyrios AS and GN Archer from web gacha... but homo missiles all get shot down lol.

The entire game will be Psycho vs. HWS. Everyone without an HWS will have to wait on Destiny coming out in 2 weeks or so.

edit: I guess we do have sazabi... meh
sadly if its post-buff nothing can counter it......unless lets say V2AB \ 00Q \ Hi-Nu(not all the time HWS can still kick its ass) or the infamous SRudim those are some good suits to counter but they still need to be played well..

and for sazabi it basically has one weapon that would damage HWS since the funnels break as soon as they get deployed from you funnels and the missile's as well, so its beam magnum is the only thing that would work and mode 2 is unless if you get near(either KD beam or funnel raped)