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Deadpool approves!
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If Shigga is too young, I can adjust that.

Application sheet:

Surname/Maiden name: L'Rayle
Given name: Shigga
Date of birth: April 17, 2095
Place of birth: Vasanta
Father's name: Shigga L'Rayle Sr.
Mother's name: Hexidni Shadza
Name of spouse: Eeeewwwwww, girl cooties!!
Sector of residence: Sector ε
Address: 791 Verdicosba Ave.
Telephone: ε-792-5925
Occupation: What's that?
Skills and abilities noteworthy: Um...Oh! Ray-Ray has daggers tucked in his sleeves! They're like extra long nails! Rawr! Or they're like bullets! Pew pew!
Combat abilities? Weapon of choice?: Ray-Ray just told you, silly! But, uh...oh yeah, Ray-Ray's small so he can run really fast. He still hasn't gotten down the running-on-the-wall-thing yet, but Ray-Ray will one day! He can be very sneaky and stuff, too!
Anything else we should know about you?: Ray-Ray eats a lot! Magenta can tell you that.

Why do YOU want to join the Erux?: Ray-Ray wants to show his mommy and daddy just what Magenta and Ray-Ray can do! Ray-Ray wants to make them happy, and Ray-Ray wants to make everyone else that he meets happy, too!

And finally, how do you seek to accomplish this? What do you want to gain?: Ray-Ray always says 'don't forget to smile!' Ray-Ray will always make sure to put a smile on everyone's face!

Pinkie Pool's archnemesis: Oatmeal.

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