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Default Sea Dragon Nest Update on June 4

Dear Players,
There will be a game patch on 4 June 2012 starting from 0530HRS (GMT+8). The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be resumed by 1130HRS (GMT+8).

We strongly recommend that you log out of the game before the stipulated time to avoid any item loss.


New Content
- New Nest Dungeon: Sea Dragon Nest (Level 40)
- New Farm System implemented

- New System Event:

1. Players receive 1x [Goddess Teardrop] for logging on for at least 30minutes, and 2x [Goddess Teardrop] for logging on for at least 60 minutes during weekdays. (For a maximum of 3x [Goddess Teadrop] per day)
2. Players receive 3x [Goddess Teardrop] for logging on for at least 2 hours, and 5x [Goddess Teardrop] for logging on for at least 3 hours during weekends. (For a maximum of 8x [Goddess Teardrop] per day)

Cash Shop
- New Level 30 Permanent Set Costumes (For all 5 classes)
- [Unlimited Oblivion Contract] now available in the Cash Shop
- [Brown Archangel Wing] now added to [Altea’s Gacha-Box]
- [Right Cheek Bandage Decal] now added to [Altea’s Gacha-Box]
- [Handmade Resurrection Apple] now added to [Altea’s Gacha-Box]
- [Gold Cupid Wings] removed from [Altea’s Gacha-Box]
- [Left Cheek Bandage Decal] removed from [Altea’s Gacha-Box]

- Alchemist Skill [Sacrifice] has been fixed and is now working properly.


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