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IGN: Nasu Kha
Class: Carpenter lt_knight
Level: 60
Guild: Rapscallions
Xfire: glarbage

RP: Viva la Revolution: Vasantarian Trance

Name: Anna Faulkner
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Street musician
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 112 lbs.
Eyes: Steel blue
Hair: Black
Notes: Skin tone (approximately):

Appearance: Anna can typically be found wearing a clean-looking pink men's dress shirt that is a bit too big for her over a pair of cutoff jean shorts that seem to have been dragged through the sand. Her left leg has been replaced from just above the knee down with an incredibly high-tech mechanical leg (glossy red, with chrome and black detail), which leads many to distrust her and question her upbringing. For shoes, she wears a pair of well-worn brown gladiator sandals. Her hair, which hangs down just past the shoulders, is normally tied back in a low, loose, off-center ponytail. She has E-cup breasts, with a great figure. Tends to have smudges on her face from touching her violin and then touching her face. Not too concerned with washing up, although when she does she's a stunning beauty.

Personality/Character: A happy-go-lucky youth with a bit of a sick sense of humor. Anna is very quick-witted, and pretty blunt as well. She doesn't really concern herself too much with getting cleaned up. She really likes to cook, and somehow manages to get some surprising ingredients in her poverty-class kitchen. That being said, first-time guests tend to be hesitant to eat her food, since she's not one to wash her hands before she starts to cook. She's not one to wash her hands that much at all, actually. Outside of after using the restroom, anyway. She's very friendly and knowledgeable, and has been described by people that know her as "wise beyond her years." Practices savate. Lives in a small shack in the outskirts of Sector ε.

History: While she likely won't discuss her past with most people who ask, Anna is actually an immigrant from France, where she had a fairly well-to-do upbringing. Her father had her learn savate as a way to learn to protect herself on her way to and from home, school, and wherever else. She reached her current height around the age of 13. Several months after her 13th birthday, tragedy struck her family. During a robbery attempt, her home was set on fire. She and her mother were the only survivors of the fire, and while the two of them got out mostly unscathed, Anna's left leg was left immobile.

Luckily, they still had a decent amount of money in the family's coffers, and Anna was outfitted with an outstandingly high-tech mechanical leg. After her daughter was all set, Anna's mother felt that the two should probably leave the country, for fear of another attack. So, the two set off for Vasanta.

However, upon arrival they received much, much harsher treatment than expected. Customs officials confiscated nearly all they had, and when Anna's mother tried to protest, she was killed on the spot. Silent and with tears in her eyes, Anna was dragged out and thrown into the street, followed shortly by her violin case and a small bag full of her father's pink dress shirts, which he was known for. Anna and her mother had only brought the shirts as mementos, but now it seems that they're all she has left. Upon standing up, she saw that her jeans were torn, so she cut them into shorts with a broken piece of glass, exposing both her mechanical leg and her flesh one. She then dried her eyes and walked some distance, before putting her stuff down on a street corner and opening up her violin case, pulling out a solid steel violin and a bow, leaving the case open for people to toss money in. After giving the instrument a quick check and tuning, she began to play a strange and sorrowful, yet enchanting melody...

Equipment: A solid steel violin.


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