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Wink [NA][SDGO] Web & In-game shop update!

well here you go,

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[SDGO] Web & In-game shop update!

No. 6712 | Date: 05-30-2012

Hello pilots,

A powerful new unit has entered the fray!
Nu Gundam HWS will decimate those foolish enough to block its path.
Also, keep an eye out for these units that are added to the webshop!
These BB senshi units made a brief appreance in the game and are now here to stay!

Here is the list of additions that will happen ~10:00AM PDT (May 30th) without further due:

[Blueprints in-game shop]

- Nu Gundam HWS (SS Rank)

[Units (Astros) in-game shop]

- Komei (B Rank)
- Shiba-I (B Rank)

[Units (Astros) web shop]

- Gundam Throne Drei (A Rank)
- Gundam Deathscythe Hell (A Rank)
- Gundam Kyrios (A Rank)
- Gundam Dynames (A Rank)


our first SS rank, Whew!!