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Whoa, what? I actually POSTED something? EVERYONE, IT'S A MIRACLE.

I don't know if this is the same person or not, but I too have also had an impersonator. I'm pretty sure a couple of you remember.

Well, first they wanted to just use my name for whatever reason, that's cool I guess. But after they insist on not impersonating me, about five minutes later they're tying to get a fellow guildmates Tenter Set. Like, what? I don't even WANT a Tenter Set. Y'all know I use mine and Solar's lovechild Jerome the Tenter Spear.
You will only find me on Kiba, my gladiator or my duelist.. Other than that I wouldn't create a new character.. Too lazy.

But all this impersonating stuff is getting a bit out of hand, our guildmates alone have probably lost billions of galders worth of items all together thanks to scammers/impersonators. An invite only guild would be great for us but that's taking it to another level.. I still want to be able to trust my guildies without any problems..