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You should have no problems with Count and bosses below him only with Shard of the Glacier. However Tenter lion and up is where it will get tricky. You can actually use shard on Tenter even when he's in green bar and below. How? Well, bosses usually have a skill called "resistance change" that buffs up their elemental resistances every time a color of their HP bar is taken off. This can be countered if you start out with a high damage move(Shard + Thunderbolt) and then quickly use shard again. Also, having your guardian use skunk pouch on Tenter will stop him from using the resistance change skill.

Post Tenter bosses will have crazy high resists, all you need to do is get Undine's Garden. It'll get rid of Queen Odinea's heavy resist to electric skills at her critical bars of HP, allowing you to kill her super fast. As for Soki, well, he's already weak to magic in the first place, so you can kill him fast with or without your space skill either way.

In CT, the floor bosses have very high neutral magic resist. So you shouldn't be using AR at all. Undine's Garden + Shard will guarantee easy victories. All you need is 400 luck to hit everything in the game and you're set for your bossing life.


Bossing gets increasingly difficult when you don't have Raion's Space. Getting the space should be first priority as it will allow you to boss. As long as you have 1 attacking fire skill and Raion's Space, you are guaranteed an easier time versus having access to multiple fire skills and no space. Everything should be pretty straightforward, use space skill, set down DoT's and blast away with fire skills. Electro and Staff are only used when summons get numerous. Other than that, your main focus should be using your boosted fire skills on the boss.

Same thing applies in CT, you need a minimum of 400 luck to hit everything in the game. Pretty much the same game play as water/wind bossing, except your ongoing fire DoT skill is boosted, so summons won't be a problem at all. Straight forward, nothing too complicated.


Once again, this is the worst bossing combination out of all the 5 pairs even with their correct space skill, due to lack of useful attacking earth skills with reasonable cool downs. However, you can kill most bosses with ease that some of the other magic classes can't! You should focus on landing your DoT fire moves first and then proceed to using Salamander's Territory and earth skills. You can use incinerate and dragon storm to fill in the rotation if none of your earth skills are available from cool down. Other than scorching earth and phoenix rising spam, your main source of damage comes from all of your boosted earth skills.

Also the same thing with CT, you need a minimum of 400 luck to hit everything in the game. Refrain from using neutral magic at all costs, the damage is terrible. You should always have scorching earth on to clear the bosses' summons. You shouldn't spam incinerate or dragon storm when any of your earth skills are ready, every second wasted is a potential chance that can get you killed and loss in damage. Not to mention, Salamander and Earthquake is your highest damaging combo that you DO want to keep up at all times. Once you've learned all the perks to bossing and PvE on your fire/earth SM, there's nothing that you won't be able to kill easily.


Bossing with this combination is super easy and quick. With your Gnome's Domain, the bulk of your damage will come from wind skill spamming. You will never use your earth skills to boss. Needless to say, because of really low cool downs, your damage output is second to water/elec if you were both sharing the same EQs.

Bossing is pretty straightforward. In CT, all you need is you 400 luck, place down Gnome and blast away with wind skills. I usually repeat with this combination: Gnome > Whirlwind > Tornado Blast > Razor Gale > Wind Blade > Raging Storm > Wind Blade > Repeat Razor through Raging Storm > Recast Gnome + Whirlwind + Tornado Blast when it permits. Everything literally dies in less than 35 seconds. You can't go wrong with bossing on a wind character. Whoever says bossing on wind/earth SM is terrible, they have no idea what they are talking about.


A unique route on its own. This combination pretty much gives up the ability to kill multiple mobs efficiently by specializing in strong 1 vs 1 skill spam. Wind and water alone cannot do much, so get your Sylph's Playground! It'll allow you to plow through bosses in seconds because of boosted single target water skills.

Same requirements needed in CT as mentioned above, but this path has a really hard time in the last 2 floors. From experience, the lack of a boosted whirlwind that could allow you to potentially OHKO multiple mobs fast enough is what makes it so difficult at these floors. Most of the time, you will be occupied with aqua/drip bomb and shard spam. This leaves no time for you to spam wind blade or raging storm to clear out summons. That's why you MUST have whirlwind up at all times. It'll help you not worry about the summons problem, but not completely. Overall, it shines at different areas in the game. It just doesn't do so well with our current end game content areas.


If I had to rate the bossing efficiency of all the elemental pairs depending on speed, damage and ease then:

1st- Water/Elec
2nd- Wind/Earth
3rd- Fire/Elec
4th- Fire/Earth
5th- Wind/Water

And of course, these are determined by using all the same eqs, more or less the same levels.


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