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TADAAAA. Equipment explaining time!

Mkay, so I'll cover both Myshop and in game equips that you should aim for, depending on builds also. But before that, I just want to let you know that Myshop and in game equipments are literally two different things, even if they go in the same slots. The stats are completely 180 if you took one of each and compared side by side. Having access to Myshop or "Myhax" will literally allow you to jump the TO social ladder in a blink of an eye.

A.= Hats & Helmets slot.
  • You should only be using hats, as they're the only ones that can be comped for MA. For MS users, try to aim for the highest level or highest base statted hat available on sale.
  • You can also look out for unusual MS hats that appear once in a blue moon that give a combination of HV with MA or AC & LK. You need all these stats as a SM.
  • For the poorer, unfunded and non paying users, I recommend you to make/find yourself a 3-4s Powerful or Requiem hat, level appropriate of course, comped with MA. You can't comp LK on in game hats, only helms, but that can't comp for MA =.= You have to choose one, or get both for swapping when you need it.
  • If you're seriously just flat broke and dying everywhere, skip the MA hat and go for a helmet. Comp LK on it and try to refine it when possible for the DP boost. ;0;

B.= Sprint slot.

This slot is used to equip an accessory that that allows you to walk faster in game. There are free and paid sprints.
  • A kitty sprint is the only known perma sprint in eTO. Lots of people go after it. It is unclear if SGI will bring Jen boxes back, but when they do, this is your best PvM sprint.
  • Myshop users get to choose from an array of sprints that are faster than the kitty sprint/offer alternative stats. Get the highest level magic sprint available and comp for MA.
  • Free users: continue to use the sprints available in gift-boxes. Don't bother with comping as they expire quick. Run speed isn't all that important, but it can literally shave off an hour of your play time every day and it adds up. Also, walking faster = more exp when training.

C.= Shield slot.

Choice of shields purely depend on the situation and your access to funding once again. You WILL NEED two shields at one point, one comped with LK and the other with HP, refined with DP for swapping.
  • All of the best HP and defense shields come from in game. Not only MS users use them, but free players as well.
  • Regardless if you pay or not, aim for the highest leveled and best statted Altiverse shield. Or, you can opt for a level appropriate powerful shield with 3+ slots. Currently Altiverse shields outshine other in game shields in terms of stats, crunching all 3 MD,DP & base HP in one shield.
  • Powerful shields have a much higher DP potential base and you can temper it, but it doesn't have MD or base HP.
  • You can also choose from boss shields. A guaranteed 4 slots is nice. Not too different from an Altiverse, just doesn't provide base HP.
  • Only MS users have access to the best LK shields available in the whole game. Yes, in game shields can comp for LK too, but there is no base LK, making it pale in comparison. Keep an eye out for the highest level MS shields that offer HV & LK or AC & LK together on them.
  • For free players, your only access to a LK shield is a well comped, high level altiverse, boss or powerful shield.


D. & J.= Accessories slot.

In the accessories slots, you are allowed to equip two. But, there are certain rules like:
-They can be the same level if they have completely different names. (Ex: Boss ring 240 and Random ring 240.)
-They can't be of the same level if they share the same identical name. (Ex: You can't equip two Random ring 240's.)
-They can be the same name if they have different level brackets. (Ex: Dragon ring 30 and Dragon ring 190.)
  • Myshop users, keep an eye out for the highest level accessories that gives high base HP, LK, MA and AC. It'll even be better if all of them were crunched into one. Just make sure they have base HP on them as some of them have good MA, LK and AC but no HP.
  • With the introduction of CT, decent MA compoundable accessories are finally available! Before CT, boss accessories didn't have the option and were currently the best accessories for free players. Look for good Altiverse accessories available for your level with high base MA, LK, HP, AC and HV. You should prioritize MA + HP first.
  • You only need a minimum of 15k HP for normal PvE. You need 20-25k for outside bossing and 35k+ for CT. So, if you find that you lack HP, comp HP on your accessories, if not, both of them can be MA or a combination of either one. I usually have two MA ones on and when I need more HP for situational use, I swap them out.
  • You will never need to comp LK on your accessories if you are a MS user, unless you have an extreme build with bad base LK or a free player. All you need is 300 LK to hit every mob in general PvE and 400 LK to hit all bosses in the game. Find your balance and go from there. =D
  • For free players, buy GM certificates and exchange them with GM Eni (an NPC, not a real life moving GM) for those pretty decent accessories available for your level. Their stats aren't too bad for only 2s. Temper for more base if needed. Same with the above, compound with whatever stat out of MA, HP, & LK depending on your needs.

E.= Drill slot.

I consider it an equipment, since drilling is pretty much everywhere in game. The types of drills you use will literally affect your game play sometimes. There are two different types of drills: Myshop and in game. Myshop drills have REALLY good life, fast drill speeds and special perks, while in game drills are the opposite and sometimes give less TM/EXP when drilling.

When choosing a drill to use you should know that Myshop drills are simply the best. Only a few in game drills can rival Myshop drills in speed, but not durability and special perks.

Myshop drill features:
  • Fast drill speeds.
  • Very high life spans.
  • Offers enormous depth advantages.
  • Sometimes when drilling, they come with designs, instead of the traditional ugly grass and dirt when excavating.
  • Different drills have specific perks (Ex: Speed drills offer the FASTEST drill time in the whole game or Crazy drill offers the quickest rage meter fill up etc.).
  • Gives more TM/EXP when drilling.
  • Can be used universally on any terrain without the penalties of soil type.
  • Lasts VERY long in crazy drill mode. Some Myshop drills will allow you to get a little over 1 minute, so that's very awesome!
  • Hardly weighs anything, allowing you to carry lots of them!
In game drill features:
  • Slow and sluggy.
  • Have terrain penalties if you are using the wrong type of drill in the wrong place.
  • Very short crazy drill duration, usually 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Low drill life.
  • Doesn't give as much TM/EXP.
  • No real special perks.
  • Weighs a ton more.

All in all, try to use Myshop drills as much as possible. DON'T EVER BUY THEM! You should only be getting them by events and no where else. It's such a waste of money to buy them. If you do happen to run out, which is rare, stick to the correct area specific drills for your level and depth you are using it at. Other than those points, you shouldn't get crazy drilling on a magic character, its uses are very limited and it wastes precious drill life if you can't see where you are drilling at x.x

Also: This is a REALLY AWESOME guide on depth and terrain tutorial I stumbled upon when I first started and drilling was like "&^$%^*$ WAT" to me LOL. Hope it helps you :3


F.= Cape slot.

All of the highest base stat capes are only available through Myshop unfortunately. However, there are some decent alternatives for the free players.

Myshop users:
  • Look for high base MA, HP and LK capes for your correct level. If they have AC or HV on them with the 3 other stats, then it's even better! However, you should prioritize MA, HP and LK first. Comp whichever of the 3 stats depending on your situational needs.

Free users:
  • Currently the highest base stats cloak available for you is the Trickster Cloak, from completing Episode 6. Although it's only 2 slots, it's the best you got! Aim for this. It's not trade-able though, so you can't buy it off of others.
  • Keep a lookout for each Poppuri Event. Sometimes the capes they give are really good stats too. When the event is finished, you can exchange your poppuri tickets for previous event cloaks/equipments too!
  • Upon 2nd job change you also receive a free cloak, but it's timed. After it wears off you should try to aim for a Poppuri cloak and buy it off of other players or wait for a new Poppuri event to arrive.


G.= Face wear slot.

Once again, like cloaks, the best face wear/masks for magics also come from Myshop =(

Myshop Users:
  • Buy the highest level correct mask for your SM; it should have MA and LK on it. Very rarely will they have masks with MA, HP & LK altogether on them, so if you can't get one with those three, just stick with one that has MA and LK on it for the most part. Compound whichever stat depending on your situational needs. Currently the best one for us is the Vindicator's Visage. Usually SGI re-releases the Corvid boxes near Halloween or for special occasions, so aim for that!
Free users:
  • Currently, the best mask available for you is the Blood red eye-patch from the Karan set. Although it doesn't have MA on it, you can comp LK on it. The AC will help your blessings a bit too. Must get if you can't access anything else.
  • Other than that, you can stick with your free golden sleeping mask/don giuvanni's glasses x.x Some stats is better than none


H.= Headgear slot.

Repeating from the previous, all of the best head gear are available through Myshop only. Very rarely will there be decent alternatives, and there were some.
  • Aim for the best headgear on sale whenever they are released with MA, HP and LK. Unfortunately HP cannot be compounded on MA headgear, so you have to go with pure MA or LK depending on what you need most. This may change in the future, so pay attention!
  • For free players, there are only 2 releases of free headgear and it's the "I<3D" balloon & Soccer rally towels 60 + 180. The rally towels are trade-able and the speech balloons aren't.
  • Or you can save up some money and buy one that is currently in Myshop from another player.


I.= Pet slot.

In game pets that rival some Myshop pets are actually on the rise. From what I've seen, SGI offers some pretty nice events that allow you to get them. So without further ado, here are some of the pets you should aim for:

Myshop users:
  • There are all kinds of varieties of MA pets you can get, but most of them aren't the best. For normal PvE'ers, just buy the highest statted pet for your level that has MA, HP & LK. Slot it with MA or HP depending on how you're doing.
  • I personally recommend you nab a Corvid 220. It is THE pet to aim for on a SM. It has everything you can ask for in one pet, MA, LK, HP, HV, AC. Just AWESOME. Anyways, with the recent releases of 2nd job pets, they are also a very good option to switch to because of higher base stats, but the difference isn't THAT big. So, corvid wins hands down.
Free users:
  • There are some good pets, many of which are from holiday or special events. Some of them include: Fairy mite, Golden Iceboy t1-4, Icarius(powerful, shrewd etc.), elephant crystal t1-3, and all of the poppuri pets. Just nab any of them from players, the trade-able ones, but don't slot them! It's not worth the money. Also, some of them aren't trade-able and are account bound, so just make sure you participate in events that give out free pets!
  • Some areas in TO also give pets as rewards or when you are digging, so you can also go for those too.


K.= Weapon slot.

The best weapon for mages in general come from in game only. Only a select few of the Myshop ones can be really good.
  • Try to get a powerful staff of your correct level, refined as high as possible. Powerful weapons are currently THE end game staff most people get. Definitely save up your galders for one, and compound LK on it, MP is useless and you already have enough from just natural growth and equipment.
  • Another alternative is the Altiverse weapons. They have a higher refining rate than powerfuls, but their max base MA is a bit lower. However they come with luck and can compound for elements, so it evens out. Same thing applies to here too, aim for a high MA staff refined as high as you can. LK doesn't matter as much, but high base MA should be your first priority.
  • Requiems and ultimates. They also serve as a decent alternative if you haven't reached CT yet or don't have the funds to afford a powerful staff.
  • Boss weapons are also a viable option, but they can't be refined for MA. I don't recommend you using one because it's just really bad. Bad for re-selling when you don't need it and bad for your MA.


L.= Innerwear slot.

Unfortunately, some of the best inner-wear comes only from spending Myshop. BUT, there is hope for the free players!
  • Myshop users, if 1st job character boxes ever get re-released for one more time, this is your chance to nab a really nice permanent vest. Aim for the Dragon Vest 190, it can be compounded for HP, something that most magic inner wear don't have! Amelie inner wear 210 and the current Wind Corset is also a good choice, but they don't have HP on it. So, the dragon vest is the best we have, get it!
  • Aim for the highest level statted/slotted vest that has MA combined with either HP, LK, or AC. It doesn't have to have all of those stats on it, but it would be preferred. Your compounds depend on your situational needs and NEVER AC please D:
For free players:
  • Same first point as the MS users.
  • With the recent SGI screw-up on the egg shop, you can now have access to a really decent MS inner wear that's trade-able! It's called a Koala T-shirt, for level 160 and you should buy one off of other players if you have the money. This will last you until your late 300's. You should comp MA or HP on it, depending on your needs. LK is also possible.
  • For pre-160, aim for a golden mole vest comped with HP, 2nd anniversary vest comped with MA or a poppuri waistcoat comped with HP.
  • For 160 and over, buy some GM certificates from players and go to mega shop, carbigal shop or mega skill shrine and wherever else, to exchange for those decent inner wear available at GM Eni. Even though they are only 2s, they have really good stats for in game equipment. Temper for more base stats when you have the right Chaos feathers.


Other etc. items I didn't mention:

The tail and ears! I remember when I first started playing TO I saw animal ears and tails with stats. I thought to myself, "Omg, how do I get those? Are they like super rare or something?! I want some Dx" Turns out, you can get them, without deleting your character over and over again, hoping to generate statted ears and tail LOL.

You know those weird map pieces you drill up? The red ones? Yes, those. You turn those in to Driller Marky at the correct area that those maps belong to and he will give you the full map. Once you dig up the spot, you will be sent to a black market area. The NPCs there sell statted ears, tail and other etc. items some classes use. This is also the place you can forge Powerful weapons.
The ears and tail lasts for 15 days and give you a nice chunk of stats for around 1m for both pieces. Pretty good investment. So aim for those when you have the money! They also sell timed weight pouches here too that stack with the duckling keychain. So if you're running a 1414 build or any build with low sense, here is the place to find weight accessories!


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