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If you're new to the mage class or the game, here's the possible element combinations you can pair up.

The monsters in Trickster Online have different elemental resists. Soul Masters take advantage of those resists/vulnerabilities to maximize their damage. This area will focus on skills descriptions that aren't very clear in the ggFTW wiki or if I see that they need more description added to them, as well as briefly go into the elemental combinations again, since I've already pretty much gave you a general overview in Recommendations. You can look at all of the bard skills here and all of the soul master skills here.

Important notes about the elemental seals to beginners.

In the order of water, electric, fire, earth and wind.
  • It's a passive skill, you can't cast/use/level/master it.
  • You can only learn two different elements as a Soul Master.
  • Each elemental seal allows for the learning of respectable skills in that element tree only.
  • Water cannot be paired with fire or earth.
  • Electric cannot be paired with wind or earth.
  • Fire cannot be paired with water or wind.
  • Earth cannot be paired with electric or water.
  • Wind cannot be paired with fire or electric.

Note: All Soul Masters should have only one mastered space specifically debuffing the correct element. The other spaces can be skipped completely. Only get the others if you feel like you party a lot with friends of that element.

Below are what spaces each elemental combination need to master:
  • Wind/Water: Sylph's Playground
  • Fire/Earth: Salamander's Territory
  • Fire/Electric: Raion's Space
  • Wind/Earth: Gnome's Domain
  • Water/Electric: Undine's Garden
We'll start off with Fire and Electric again. Balanced path, it gives you a nice amount of 1 vs 1 skills as well as good damaging AoE skills. Below are some fire skills I want to expand on:

Scorching Earth:
An ongoing stationary AoE that you place anywhere on the floor. Has a chance to fail now. Learn and master this skill ASAP. It's the bread and butter of going Fire/Elec.

Salamander's Blessing:
Passive buff that you can cast when fire shield is up and turns your shield into a reflective attack. Not elemental % based. Is affected by space boosts/enemy resist and will reflect damage even if it's a miss or block. Same description applies to all the other blessings, just different elemental properties.

Salamander's Territory:
Sound: Similar to ghostly whisper's impact hit on monsters, on repeat.
Space skill in the fire tree that reduces earth resistance. You can place it anywhere on the ground. The effect of the debuff stretches to about half to a full inch outside of the circle. This is a must get and master for fire/earth users. It will allow you to boss and train better. There's is absolutely no reason for fire/elec to get this skill, skip it completely. The look of it when casted is THE PRETTIEST & COOLEST space out of all of them. Has a large and special ring of fire surrounding the space, a perk none of the other spaces have.


Some electric skills I want to expand on:

Tesla Field:
An okay stationary damage over time AoE skill. It stays on the selected target and wears out when they die. It is optional for fire/elec users, the damage isn't too great. Can be a good training skill if you can somehow get the original target to leave the area it's placed on. It is a must get for water/elec users.

Staff of Thunder:
The strongest AoE for pure sheeps. Officially the most flashiest skill in the game and a favorite for many in terms of use, damage and aesthetics. Learn and master it ASAP regardless of water or fire/elec. Has a huge range, hits 5 targets and doesn't stun.

Raion's Space:
Sound: Like thunder shield.
A space skill from the electric tree. Lowers enemy's fire resistance and you can place it anywhere on the ground. The effect of the debuff stretches to about half to a full inch outside of the circle. Fire/elec users learn and master it ASAP. This skill will allow you to boss hunt, SERIOUSLY. Water/elec users can skip this completely. Ugliest space in my opinion.


Some water skills that I want to expand on:

Drip Bomb:
Basic single target water skill. It is a must learn and master for water/wind users. Water/elec users can leave it at 10 to unlock Aqua Bomb. This skill becomes very useful when you get the water web passive.

Water Web:
A passive debuff that connects mana web and drip bomb together. So, whenever you use drip bomb now, it'll lower the enemy's DX as well. Get it regardless of wind or water/elec when you start to boss hunt. With the addition of crazy broken mobs with super fast attack speeds lately, this will prevent you from getting chain-critted/mauled to death. Aqua bomb doesn't receive the slow add-on.

Icy Shackles:
A protective single target skill that stun locks the target's position and disables their casting of any skills/attacks. The target under frozen state is invincible and will not receive any damage, if they receive damage, it will miss, regardless of your LK or AC. However, you can inflict status effects on the target when they are frozen(i.e. stun etc.). Wind/water should get this skill if they feel that they need 1 more water attack to help rotate their drip/shard and aqua bomb cool downs. Water/elec should get this skill if they plan to PvP. You can stop your enemy in their tracks and annoy the crap out of them if you're smart.

Undine's Garden:
Sound: Same as Sylph's Playground.
A space skill in the water tree that debuff's enemy's electric resistance. You can place it anywhere on the ground. The effect of the debuff stretches to about half to a full inch outside of the circle. Water/elec users learn and master it ASAP, it will give you more damage, upping you to OHKO levels. Water/wind users pass on this skill, unless you party with water users often. If not, skip it completely. Looks average in my opinion.

Water and electric, the deadliest combination out of all the 5 total pairs.


Some wind skills I want to expand on:

Sylph's Playground:
Sound: Similar to the sound of activation when Tornado blast is casted, just on repeat.
A space skill in the wind tree that debuffs enemy's water resistance. The effect of the debuff stretches to about half to a full inch outside of the circle. Water/wind get this skill ASAP, it will allow you to boss. Water/elec can skip this. The second prettiest space in my opinion.

Raging Storm:
THIS SKILL. This skill has been misinterpreted and judged way too harshly in the past and still. I'll clear up the confusion on this skill and describe its REAL utility.

Basically a down-graded version of Wind Blade, only hits 3 targets max and has AC in its damage formula, more or less the same radius, making it considerably weaker for a supposedly upgraded wind elemental skill. Many wind users who aren't pure judge this skill as utter garbage, BUT it's NOT. If you've never fully played wind/[insert other element here] SM until late game, they have no idea what they're talking about and its awesome supporting use.
This is what you basically call a "finisher" skill now because of its lower damage compared to wind blade, but near identical cool down time, making it quite easy to rotate over and over again. You can't expect it to work the same as wind blade because it is totally different, damage and all. Nonetheless, raging storm is a finisher/supportive skill that you use immediately after if wind blade can't OHKO. If you can OHKO with wind blade then you will hardly use this skill as a wind/water, but it's still nice to carry on the wb>rs>wb spam rotation. However if you are wind/earth, you'll be abusing the living day out of this skill with the infinite loop of wind blade > raging storm > wind blade > repeat because it is the reason that wind/earth's damage is second to water/elec.

Wind/water, a very balanced path with just the right amount of 1 vs 1 skills and AoEs. These two elements will take you far.


Some earth skills I want to expand on:

Gnome's Domain:
Sound: A slow drumbeat or a faint heart beat.
A space skill in the earth tree that debuffs enemy's wind resistance. The effect of the debuff stretches to about half to a full inch outside of the circle. Wind/earth need to get this skill in order to boss and be even better at PvE. Fire/earth can skip this. Third prettiest space in my opinion.

Deadly Fen:
This skill is not damage over time, the only thing that stays over time is the slow effect. If mobs walk out of the brown gush, they go back to normal walking speeds.

Summon Boulder:
A small AoE skill that splits its damage if nearby monsters are close enough(about 1cm) to the original target, like mana ring. Most of the time, it'll be a 1 vs 1 skill, but if there are closely crunched mobs together, it'll take on a small AoE splash effect.

Botulism Cloud:
A skill much like mana web, which increases DX. If you have mana web and want this skill to stack with it, you need to cast botulism first. If you do it the other way around, it'll remove the mana web's debuff. It's also said to reduce gun defense, but I'm not sure. Overall useless skill that doesn't do any damage, skip it completely if you have earth.

Fire/earth is very unique and fun. It can be very powerful if you're heavily funded and experienced with mages. It can outdo wind/water if done right.


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