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Default Viva la Revolution [OOC]

edit: hey the title got cut off or I forgot to type the rest. iamawesomeorsomething
edit 2: thank you gladiator ;_;

Welcome to the grand metropolis known as Vasanta! We pride ourselves in our technology, good standing government, and in our honorary citizens whom we all cherish in our utopia. Our government is lead by a council of elders, whose leader is only known as Rho. Each of the elders oversees a different sector in the city ( five in total):

Sector α (lead by Iota) - Sector Alpha
Sector β (lead by Kappa) - Sector Beta
Sector γ (lead by Lambda) - Sector Gamma
Sector δ (lead by Mu) - Sector Delta
Sector ε (lead by Nu) - Sector Episilon

The denizens of the sectors are referred to as such ( alphas, betas, etc. ).

Sector α is prodominately the sector for the rich and higher-class members of society. They are graced with the best technology available to citizens as well as the technological marvel made to combat the plague which creeps up on humanity; the Hel Desperatio. Mechanical limbs and nanobots which flow through the bloodstream to destroy all viruses are often present in the citizens of this sector. Other technology are built in PCs within the brain for the ultimate virtual experience that the other sectors can only hope to emulate. This sector is also the cleanest of the five, the people prided in their utopian society. (this sector is off limits to PCs due to near immortality from the tech)

Sectors β and γ are mainly made up of the Middle-class. Though there is still a great deal of technology available to the common people, machine implants are only granted in emergency situations (missing limb due to accident, cancer...). Commonplace goods are Personal Computer Contacts ( PCCs), basic internet (email, social networks, forums, online games...) though not as advanced and somewhat restrictive on internet use compared to those of the upper class. There are ways to get the advanced tech of the upper class, but it usually is through.. Unruly practices. ( think of our modern day technology in 2012 with a bit of fancy advancement). The underground organizations from Sector ε are present here, as well as members whom have been part of Sector ε in the past but managed to get the funds to go for higher standards of living.

Sectors δ and ε is the lower-class, comprised of those too poor to live in the higher sectors. They lack many of the enriching resources those of other sectors are blessed with. Rumour is that Nu and Mu spend the funding from Rho on themselves but if it is true or not no one really knows. Those who live here usually have been here from birth, or are recent immigrants. ( think... the shitty remnants and second hand goods from our time, perhaps more run down). There is no internet access to those of Sectors δ and ε, though underground organizations have managed to set up illegal internet cafes for communication purposes through organizations as well as businesses. Usually these are set up by stolen technology from Raids the underground organizations have organized. Sectors δ and ε are the largest sectors of the five.

note: The Hel Desperatio causes rapid deterioration in everything it touches. Rapid rust in machinery, flesh decomposing even on living beings, foliage dying rapidly... It is known as a giant cloud of death, and looks a lot like a sandstorm. It is an endless storm that is a by-product of the last grand scale war that ravaged the world, and broke up humanity in large metropolises (Vasanta being one of them).


So you wish to join our organization, the Erux? Well, that's great news! Thank you for taking interest in our organization that fights for the rights of those in the lower sectors!

What do we do?

We stand up to those of Sector α, who often think so highly of themselves to the point that they even put themselves amongst Gods. They have forgotten they are merely humans who have bested death with technologies that should not be so easily accessible to commonpeople. We also go and dig up information on the corrupt goverments of Vasanta, primarily those lead by Mu and Nu. We strongly believe they are using funding from Rho for their own sick games and we want to end that. We, the people, deserve better than the filthy lifestyle of Sectors δ and ε. Even in Sectors β and γ, the police and military are so heavy in their monitoring of the middle class that some are even unfairly prosecuted compared to those of Sector α. And what does Rho do? Nothing before the citizen's suffering!

Viva la Revolution! We will overthrow this city, and it's leaders!

But first, we need you to fill out an application form. Once you have mailed it in you will be approached by one of our members and given a suitcase with the following: custom made PCCs for all members with tools to make the contacts any colour you desire with proxy trackers from the government removed, a uniform, documents leading you to the first meeting location and finally a personal letter delievered to each applicant. However should you be a dog of the government, you will be severely punished.

Now then... Let's get started, shall we?

HTML Code:
[B][U]Character sheet:[/U][/B]

[B]RP:[/B] Viva la Revolution: Vasantarian Trance




[B][I]Application sheet:[/I][/B]

[B]Surname/Maiden name:[/B]
[b]Given name:[/b]
[B]Date of birth:[/B]
[b]Place of birth:[/b] (just ask me for random other metropolis names if you want to be a foreigner, or if you want specific location names.. in a PM)
[B]Father's name:[/B]
[b]Mother's name:[/b]
[b]Name of spouse:[/b] (just put n/a if not married to anyone, include date of death if they are deceased)
[B]Sector of residence:[/b]
[b]Address:[/b] (just write it like a normal address)
[b]Telephone:[/b] x-yyyy-yyyy (the x is your sector, the y's are numbers. You can do whatever as long as it does not overlap with others)
[B]Skills and abilities noteworthy:[/b]
[b]Combat abilities? Weapon of choice?:[/b]
[b]Anything else we should know about you?:[/b] (this is basically random quirks you feel are important for us to know!)

[b]Why do YOU want to join the Erux?:[/b]

[B]And finally, how do you seek to accomplish this? What do you want to gain?:[/B]
Everyone will be part of the Erux/will be joining it, so have fun etc. Once we get some PCs up we'll have some weapons information and key location info up.

le Rules
  • No Godmodding
  • Atleast TRY to be active. If you're going to be too busy to type up a few lines in a RP, then either step out or ask us to go on a hiatus. Don't just disappear on us. Also, make your step out make sense and work in the plot
  • Don't control others characters unless you get permission
  • Don't randomly kill off someone else's character. Talk about it here first
  • And of course, what is considered common sense in RPs

All the middle class slots are taken, so you're forced to be poverty.

Oh, and this RP takes place geographically where modern day Spain is but in the distant future. Though the place isn't predominately Spanish any more there are still quite a bit of Spaniards running about. Also the year is 2107 `-`

ggFTW RulesggFTW Eventscomedy.mp4
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