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Samaniego is just really niceSamaniego is just really niceSamaniego is just really niceSamaniego is just really niceSamaniego is just really nice
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Originally Posted by Settie
Trying harder never works. I've literally fought for things, and tried as hard as I could to save friendships/relationships but it's always the other side lacking or giving up.

I'm done talking about that though. It's not my problem anymore, it's theirs.

My advice for you is to just mention that you're not feeling well, or ask if you can tell them something, before just coming out and saying it. If they say yes, try to keep it short. If they say no, don't mention it again. And if they did say yes, always ask before you talk to them about things again. Sometimes, they might be busy and not have time to listen. And when they say "Oh, you can talk to me about anything" don't take it seriously. That can change very quickly.

And if you lose friends, don't worry. It's their loss. It's not just you who has to try, it's them, too. She could have came and said "hey, what's up? how have you been?" but it was her choice not to.
You don't know how many times people have told me that line.
Also, yeah only some people care, other doesn't care, & the
others are just curious to know because they just want to know.
I have a friend were i always listen to her problems and such i
really don't mind and i'll give my input, but it seems i do more
work for the friendship.

I tryed being a nice guy Freshman year
you know were that got me? No where, but bullyied by idiotic
people i had to have classes with and yeah i get what you mean
about wanting to talk about your problems, if you wanna hear

Yeah, i was that super nice guy and...i can tell you this i hate
that guy. I love who i am now someone who doesn't take peoples
crap anymore, argues if it has to go there for someone to see there
are wrong, and basicly just fight in surive ( Verbally ). I feel like
everyone is out get me. But, i've changed and thats all over;
My point is being nice doesn't always work anymore, you may
have to be assertive here and there to get your point across
even if it means pissing off the other person.
Yeah...i know

Forever & Always

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