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Hi guys, I am the partner. This post will only be used for IMPORTANT UPDATES. I will update rules/items we will not hunt on here.


6/22/2012- You will be charged an 5m extra per quest set you order.

6/22/2012- You will be charged an extra 5m per day if your order is not picked up within 24 hours of completion.

6/21/2012- We will only do the hunt order if you list out every item you want. Ex:I want all of Oops Wharf Questies, is not acceptable.
- If you decide to change your order after we start it/complete it - we will cancel your entire order.

6/21/2012 Due to a lot of people ordering so many quest sets, we're going to limit to TWO quest sets, not per person. Any order after that will be rejected.

6/14/2012 - Aggression will be joining our team; he is only accepting TAP requests.

6/13/2012 - Made a spreadsheet for prices so you can check here.
Hunting Prices Spreadsheet

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