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Default Hunting Services in Fantasia

Hello everyone! – I am ForeverNAlways and this is a hunting thread for Fantasia only. I’m sorry I wrote quite a bit and yes, please read through it if you want a better experience.~ Thank you!

I will be working on hunting orders with my partner, AlwaysNForever. We will not drill for any items, this is a hunting thread. There are only 2 of us working on this so the rate at which you will receive your order will depend on how easily obtainable the items are. We’re willing to hunt for almost anything with some exceptions which I will list later on in the post.
*Update* Aggression will now be working on Tap requests only. He will take care of all our Tapasco hunt requests. :> Feel free to request for tap items now. ^^
Things you should do when you order:
- Please check back and confirm your order after making a request. If possible please do it within a few hours of making an order. I will have an online/offline status. Obviously if I’m offline I won’t be able to get back to you as quick.
- Fill out a hunt form please! It’s easier to locate everything you need when it’s neatly filled out instead of writing all over the place.
-(Optional) You MAY put a price next the item but we will change it according to what we believe it’s worth. (The prices will be vaguely based off of shops in Megaloplis.) Please don’t be afraid to haggle – but also be considerate. We will be working diligently on your orders so it does irritate us if you put something like “x25 Empty Coke Bottles: 50k ea”.

- Be patient please ~ we will contact you on forums when we are done with your order.
- The order in which we will do the hunting requests in will be off a “first come, first serve basis”.
- We will ONLY start on the orders once you have confirmed your order and prices with us.
- If you see previous orders already done with a set price, it would be iffy to haggle with that price because it would be unfair to the previous customer.
- We will not mail trade any of the items, you will have to come and physically trade for the items.
- We will only hold your requested items for 1 day due to limited bank space.
- We will have a blacklist for those we feel have abused our service.
- We only accept TWO quest sets at a time; not per person.
- We will only do the hunt order if you list out every item you want. Ex:I want all of Oops Wharf Questies, is not acceptable.
- If you decide to change your order after we start it/complete it - we will cancel your entire order. :<
- Every extra day you put in a special request to hold onto items will be charged 5m/day.
- Every quest set ordered will be charged extra 5m.

We can make exceptions for special circumstances but you will have to fill that out along with the order.

We will NOT hunt for:
- Grasses – I’m sorry I am not willing to do this unless you can somehow make the NPCs drop 5 at a time. QQ
- Compound Stones – You may add this as a special request HOWEVER we will only give you the stones we obtain from hunting the NPCs. And you will have to notify us beforehand otherwise we will just be leaving them on the ground. (Same goes for grass.)
- We have capped the max cards you can have in one order. (10)
- Abyss / Shadow /Black Ash / Episode 6 quests.
- We will not hunt for any bytes. (Chaos Tower)

We will add to this list as we see fit. Some items are harder to get and I am not willing to spend hours and hours getting 5 items. Make sure you check back to this list or the 2nd post for updates.

Hunt Order Form:
Item(s) Needed:
Special Note/Request:
Status: I'm offline/busy for a few days ^^ I'll be on/off for you to pick up orders.

Please +rep/+iTrader for me and my partner (AlwaysNForever) if we had a good service, thank you! It's not required but highly appreciated.

Credits to Starlaxy for making the first Fantasia Hunting Thread.


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Hunting Service in Fantasia

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