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Hey Lita,
~1. I know you probably heard this a lot but looks aren’t everything. Just because someone is pretty does not mean that they have a good heart. Think about this…would you rather be beautiful and be completely heartless? Someone who you know guys only go for because they’re “hot”? And also everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. You can easily be beautiful for having a pure heart who cares about others. I'd tell you not to think about it but I know it will be hard to.

~2. It seems like she is one of those type of people who talk to others in a derogatory manner to make herself feel better. Ever read Harry Potter? She’s doing something similar here – she wants you to feel alone. Like you have no friends. It’ll be easier to hurt you this way. The ONLY reason why all her “friends” are taking it out on you is probably because they’re afraid of receiving the same treatment from her as well.

what do you do when you feel sad and don't want to tell people about it because you know they'll laugh at you or they'll just be troubled by whatever it is?
If they are going to laugh at you for it – don’t bother. They aren’t your friends. If they’re troubled by it then they’re only worried for you. And sometimes it’s nice to share your burden with others.

I don’t know much about the people you talk to your problems to…but I know from personal experience when you start losing the happy person you normally are they don’t know how to react to that. They’re not purposely giving you this “silent-iwanttoignoreyoukthx- attitude”. (If they are..they’re not very good friends..) Sometimes seeing a new side of someone – it’s hard to deal with. You don’t know what to do – so you stay silent. You want to help but you don’t want to make things worse.

~3. Have you ever been on facebook and you see that one status “Realizing you’re wrong in the middle of an argument but you argue anyway”. It’s human nature to like being correct. No one likes being wrong. But the one thing about this that is flawed is people cannot simply force their friends to change their opinion just because they don’t agree with theirs.

Btw – I’m terrible at wording out what I’m thinking. But in debates it is usually whoever can have the better argument is correct. (Much like court, yes?) However that doesn’t mean you are correct, it just means you’re good at debating. So that does infuriate me from time to time when people think they have a better argument simply because they are better at speaking.

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I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same.

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