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Default As of Late

Alright, it's been a while since I made the old thread about certain circumstances in my life (Refresher course if you need it). The following is a wall of text. You have been warned.

Since then, things have still been very up and down. I didn't really want to post anything else on the subject until I had some good news, but I do now, so first, I'll get you caught up.

After our time (three months) in the apartment that was reserved for homeless people ran up, Nanci called mom back (coincidentally) and invited us to live with her again, since Steve moved back out and she was now in the house alone. I did a lot of work outside and always did whatever she asked of me, but since I was no longer enrolled in school, she was always on my case about something. No matter what I did, it wasn't good enough for her. Pretty much the same old story as last time. After living with her for a while, Nanci pretty much turned into the same old ***** she was before and the tension between her and us (mom and I) eventually reached a peak, after which, Nanci wasn't talking to either one of us anymore.

Somewhere around January 20th or the 22nd, Nanci told us she was going to the train station to go pick up Steve again. We'd been told he wasn't coming back until February, so we were planning to move out by the first, but suddenly, Nanci sprung it on us, saying he was pretty much back already. Needless to say, mom and I packed up what we could (which wasn't much at the time) and we left immediately. We didn't really have anywhere to go, 'cep' for our last resort, the Community House on Broadway.

The Community House on Broadway is a homeless shelter, yes, but it's also a rehab house. Lots of different types of people wind up in there. Ex-felons, drug addicts, alcoholics, domestic violence victims and general homeless folk. They have a system with pretty strict rules and even stricter enforcement thereof, but I was doing well there. For a long time, I was considered to be the "golden boy" of the place. I have a lot of promise, optimism and enthusiasm, and I was always on everybody's good side.

But after three months of living there, things went South. To quote JD (another resident who recently moved out on good terms), I "had a target on your head". Linda, (the case manager) who was previously very much on my side, had suddenly turned on me for no reason I could find and when it came time for me to turn in my job search sheet, she didn't like what she saw. I didn't expect her to, of course, because I'd only applied for EVERY JOB I QUALIFIED FOR that I could find online. Seeing as how I'm a recent GED graduate, can't get into college courses and my previous work experience is non-existent, getting a job was a big challenge. Especially since my resume had the Community House's address on it. The Community House has a pretty bad rep in town, seeing as it does house a bunch of recovering alcoholics/addicts, etc. so discrimination against people from that place is common (as mom and I have recently discovered when trying to apply for apartments).

Linda gave me one week's notice to get a job or at least have a more impressive job search sheet or I'd have to leave. I was devastated. I couldn't do anything the rest of the day 'cep' mope around. Having tutored the previous day, I'd gotten the last volunteer hour I needed for the week, but I hadn't written it in yet and after receiving my one-week's notice, it was the last thing on my mind. So on Thursday morning, I was served my final write-up by another staff member and asked to leave by noon that day (May 3rd).

I moved out, but I had nowhere to go. Technically, I still don't. I've been sleeping in the van ever since then and the staff overwhelmingly thinks it shouldn't've happened in the first place, but since it's been done already, I can't get back in for another six months. The only other shelter around here is run by the Salvation Army and it's done on two week vouchers, so WHEN THEY HAVE A VACANCY (which they don't yet), you can only stay there for two weeks. I don't know if you can get another voucher, considering they only give five vouchers for showers in each person's lifetime. Five showers. For life. I couldn't believe that when I heard it. But I've been showering in the church and the Community House (Phil still lets me do that). If push comes to shove, I can shower at school, too. I still get meals from the Community House, too as they always let non-residents come in whenever they're serving.

Since I've moved to Longview, I have become a volunteer tutor and (more recently) a teacher aide at Lower Columbia College (I enrolled again in Spring quarter despite having already obtained my GED 'cuz I want to get my math levels up before I start studying statistics for my psychology major in fall quarter; if I get in on scholarships. It's a big if, but I've got a pretty good shot at it, considering I have four letters of recommendation). At the end of this week, I'll actually be subbing for my teacher too, since she has a meeting coming up. My sister recently hired me to help out with her publishing company. I've received an award for my tutoring services at the Longview Public Library and I'm due to receive a reward for my achievements in Adult Basic Education and service to the community (Tuesday, May 29th).

So it's been a pretty eventful month for me. Some bad stuff happened, but a lot of good stuff has happened, too. I've also been doing some writing projects and I started another story (Special sneak preview exclusive to ggFTW) over the previous weekend that will probably become a screenplay in my next draft. I've also been encouraged to write an autobiography, but I don't really want to until I have a happy ending to work with. Things are still looking bad in some respects, but some things are looking good. At least these days, I'm putting a lot more effort into things and that's going to make all the difference.

Edit: Oh and I forgot to mention I'm going to be something of a substitute teacher at LCC on Friday. Go me?

Edit 2: Story behind my upcoming award.

Originally Posted by Jesse Pauza on Facebook
I haven't really gotten much sleep the past couple of nights, so for yesterday and today, I've been pretty tired. I managed to do well enough in class today though, and in the middle of English class, Michal-Ann (my instructor) asked me if I was doing anything next Tuesday (I think it was) at either 4:30 or 5:30pm (I don't remember which, 'cuz I was tired). I said "Not that I know of, why?" and she said I should go to the student center about that time 'cuz they'll be honoring me for my achievements in Adult Basic Education and my service to the community. I was as surprised as the rest of the class. Michal-Ann really knows how to deliver surprises."
Originally Posted by Michal-Ann on Facebook
And well-deserved surprise at that! Congratulations Jesse for being the Transitional Studies Outstanding Student for all your hard work in the classroom and extra hard work outside the classroom. I'll see you Tuesday, May 29th, at 5:30. Woohoo!

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