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Default Conspire's Super Pretty Aisha Video Channel!

Hey all!

Thought I'd advertise my video channel here!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Conspire - I currently main a Battle Magician on the KR Server, Risque, and I'm famous for my Elemental Master, 쿠로코Shirai.

In addition to four years of experience playing the game, I'm very well connected in the KR community. I'm part of the Top Korean PvP guild 추격자 in Gaia by invitation, and I'm frequently considered by Koreans in the PvP sphere to be the "best foreign player"; my 쿠로코Shirai was the first person on Gaia to hit A Rank, and was consistently ranked in the top five until several months ago.

I post mostly Aisha videos, but I will be covering updates every week as well, as well as other assorted videos I care to churn out.

Here's a few highlights:

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