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Default Late, but still on my mind.

So, begin.
#1 There is this one girl who used to harass me constantly, she'd sneak on my facebook with her bf's account
or something since I have mine private, to stalk my pictures and call me ugly.
And she used to take joy in asking my ex-friends to "help her make fun of me''. I mean, come on, lol. How low is that? And she had the nerve to call me a HS dropout, when I am in honors classes, taking advantage of every AP class I can at my grade level, and yet HER BF is a straight-FAILURE student from FRESHMAN year who dropped out for an online game in which he spends his fast food salary to be a PvP/xbox bully 24/7. I go into a pvp area, he some how sniffs me out, and comes, no matter WHAT time it is. I go in at like, 1 am? He's there. I go in at 2 pm? he's there. etc etc.. She also dares to call me fake, when she's a fake-blonde wannabe-girl who people accused me of being. (She has been acting just like the people she accused me and an ex-friend of being, pretty ironic? Since she hated on them so much, and now acts just like them). This may be confusing...So I'll explain.

And thus...I am just wondering...What is wrong with some people? Is it seriously that enjoyable to go around hating on people when you're not feeling good about yourself?

#2 I'm really getting, what do you do when you feel sad and don't want to tell people about it because you know they'll laugh at you or they'll just be troubled by whatever it is? And I'm not even just being paranoid about this, I'm sure that they'll laugh at me for it. Like, and when I don't act like 100% happy-tastic, they start going silent-iwanttoignoreyoukthx- attitude, then ask ME "what's wrong'', like, what about you? I'm just being kinda upset here, trying to keep out a fake smile to keep your mood all shinytastic and you give me the "k ty" "Lol." "Ye." 1-2 word responses and act all "I have nothing to do so I'm gonna ____." Hmm..what about talking to me?..Then it just so happens that they disappear the next day until you're about to go. And as usual, they're still all sunshine and rainbows... I've talked to a friend about this, but she says it's a misunderstanding...which I guess it is in a way? And this person said that they hate that I never tell them anything. Well hey. When I do, I get laughed at, so why the hell should I? Like, I really extremely care about this person, but they don't trust me enough to tell me anything why are they complaining when I tell them plenty of stuff knowing I'll get the one-word-reply treatment or something like being laughed at.

#3 I'm sometimes a bit tough to get through to when it comes to arguments, since I do believe I am right a lot of the time, or give a better supporting argument than someone else does, at least. I will not make someone say "Ok, you're right" Or anything, especially if it's dealing with opinion, but what right have you to say that I always have to be right when I -submit- to you when I think you have good points, and you also are the one who never trusts me when I'm 100% sure I'm right (Such as something like a fact, while opinion cannot be right/wrong). Also, this person goes around ranting to people about it, which I totally should've expected since she kept ranting to me about people 24/7, even while i'm pretty busy with school I check my cellphone and she's going on about something completely idiotic calling those -other people- who make TINY mistakes the idiots. If it were irl, i'd tell her to stop wasting her breath. I also hate how people think I don't listen to them just because I voice a better supporting arguement than them, when they aren't doing anything but saying "Well I'm right anyway so that means you aren't listening to me" or something of the sorts. I ADMIT I KNOW I am not always RIGHT. But that does NOT mean you can say I'm ALWAYS WRONG when you're the one acting like you're Little miss perfect.

/endrant, sorry if it's confusing, just needed to get it out of my system.
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