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Well so far I have the following

Windy Blast: Level 2
Fire Wall: level 4
Rock Fist: Level 3
Sandstorm: Level 2

Tornado : Level 1
Magic Missle: Level 4
Ice Blade Level 1

Buff Skills
Max Hp Increase: Level 3


MP Increase: Level 4
Water Mastery: Level 1
Scythe Focus: Level 1
Upgrade: Wall of Fire: Level 1
Wind Mastery: Level 1
Mid Air Dash: Level 1
Hp Increase: Level 1
Roll-Down: Level 1
Magic Damage Increase: Level 3
Help of the Wind: Level 2
Fabric Master: Level 5
Scythe Mastery: Level 3

I hope this seems ok and maybe you can adjust somethings to make it work?