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The scammer of the day.. THEONEWHOIGNORES.. yes, with caps. This guy is extremely clever and almost scammed me today, but my fellow guildies saved me. I was going to trade my Lv11 Mark of the Vampire and Lv9 Blood Shield for 28.7k Myshop points. Now, he gave me his Blood Shield before without collateral so I would refine it for him. I could have took the shield on the spot, but that's not what I do. I got the shield to his desired level, and returned it. Today, when we were about to confirm the trade, he comes and asks me to give him the equipment first. When I refused, he asked for the Mark in exchange for 8.6k, or the Shield in exchange for 15k first. When I said I would not PF, he said he can't trust me (despite the Blood Shield refining event that happened) because 3 people where telling him I was a scammer (Probably his subs). He tried to persuade me to trust him and give him the equipment first, but just when I was about to agree, I asked my guildies, who ALL said not to trust him, as he scammed alot of people. I thought I should expand his notoriety by posting here. And I got so frustrated because he didn't trust me. Later on, just a minute later, when I cancelled the trade, he put up a BB saying Beware 0Xavier0. That's what got me to my highest temper. I told the guild and we all put up BB's saying he is a scammer. A guildie PMed his main, asking him how much people he scams a day. He replies, "82 if it's a good day". I discovered he was wasting my friends space, so I deleted him. He then said "Now Im sure youre scammer". I'm warning people who have seen this person not to deal with him in any case, and a megaphone would be much appreciated, as I've seen BB's of him before too.
Note: When I asked him about those BB's, he said another player was ruining his reputation, which is theonewhoignored. He obviously created that character as a reference if someone asked him about being a scammer. It almost worked until I found all this out. I also tried to add theonewhoignored, and his name was valid. Scammers are getting very high in number these days. Don't forget the Number One Rule: Do Not PF unless it is a trusted person on this forum.

My Regards, 0Xavier0~

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