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Default Fire elec light witch looking for plvl partner! (F)

Hello there! I am a lvl 222 Fire Electricity Light witch looking for a plvl partner.

I have approximately 1k MA (as I remember) with mist and can OHKO bears at snow with my scorching. I will only be using scorching earth as my electric wave does not OHKO them and I really can't get much more MA. My light wave does OHKO (lvl 2), but I'm not planning to use it as my scorching will take care of monsters.

I am looking for someone who can OHKO them with a fast skill (scorching.. Ghostly whisper [is that even possible? ]) and won't move around the map a lot. That person would remain stationary and will remain to lure the part I'm not covering of the bears. If I would take top, you take bottom, and vice versa.

If you would like to be my plvl partner, please state so in the forums. State your name, IGN, skill(s) to use, and element. Fantasia only please!

Time available: Thursday/Friday/Saturday from 8 am GMT- 4 pm Gmt
Time is subject to change, although this isn't the official plvl forum, just the plvl partner one.

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