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Originally Posted by Valese
[FONT="Garamond"]You're new but you know about my Laplanoel picture? Also, like I said, I do not own Photoshop, that was all made in paint. Taking a screenshot of a person standing there and adding it to the whole picture isn't exactly rocket science.

With Fortune, Wedding Buff, and all Scrolls I get around 2.4k+ HV actually.

I'll be back Monday. You'll have to wait till then for my new screenshots if that's alright :3

Is it alright for me to ask what 'normal' screenshot you compared my 'abnormal' screenshot with? :3 Cause I would love to see those changes.

my normal SS? Are you serious? I just went to coral beach and took a SS of myview during the day and night. Are you sure you guys can't notice the changes? I suggest you go back to her first pic and zoom in. I'm at a local library right now so i cannot zoom in till i get home.
Like you said earlier, "this isn't rocket science. It does not require a photoshop to produce this bt merely and software including paint that has the cropping fuction.

@Chelie, you obviously missed the point. Numbers mean nothing by itself. Can you by looking at it know her stats? I know if it may seem high that you would assume that she has some epic stats, however, if you do not have a lot of hv, you wouldn't know. For example, i see someone do 145k with shadow, the person could say they had 50k AP and i could believe in it because i don't know myself hom much damage shadow would do with that much AP or any AP relatively close to it.

Like I said earlier, i would not be able to check the SS until i get home in five hours, so until then, i can rest my case and I suggest you to not compare any pictures people have posted and go get yourself a raw image by actally going to the place and take a SS.

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