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Originally Posted by BoredomKillz
ohhh ok then. well before there was a stat change it would display percentages, but now everything is a numerical value. the value is based off of your level to the equipment level. so if youre lvl 60 equipping a lvl 40 item the values would be lower than if you were equipping something closer to your level. as for how much percent the numbers give you it also varies by level (at lvl 1, 100 crit could give you 4% but at lvl 60 100 crit can give you .5%). to know how much is 1% just look at titles, fashion, or accessories. theyre fixed at usually 1% or 2% (japanese wiki is good for finding out boss ones).....
That is very interesting. Thank you for that.

I have one more important question... I have changed Aisha's Class to Battle Mage via shop. I still have Rena and Eve to change jobs but their new jobs are still being released every 2 weeks. In fact Elsword HK has just finished with El's Sheath Knight job and Rena's Trapping Ranger Job is coming out next week.

My big question now is:

Is there a reason to completing the job change in game rather than buying it via the shop? I have read on ElWiki that in Korea an accessory (Literal translation of name from Elsword HK: Goddess Tears) is given to players during the week of release (only?) of the new job...

If this is also the case for Elsword HK then it will mean that I cannot do the quest for Aisha anymore but I it is still possible for me to do quest with Rena and Eve.

I can see that this job change thing is going to take a lot of time to
1. wait and form teams and
2. complete the various missions on specific difficulty levels.

My problem is I don't have much time to play all the time as I have some studying to do and I have important exams coming up.

If there an accessory (i.e. Goddess Tears) is given out only during the week of release then I guess I cannot get it.

Going back to my question, are you able to confirm whether this accessory is available after performing the quests for job change or does your server not have these new jobs yet for you to test?