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- Getting in the middle of a big mob may be really dangerous.
How is this different for any other class (barring knights)? If anything, this is a universal issue for all classes but knights.

- Their defense is one of the worst, but bigger than Warrior's.
That would make their defense the second best in the game...

- They have few or no ranged attacks.
Spears have long attack range, despite being melee, especially the level 40 pierce-line skill. Furthermore, Gun Lance tosses the spear damn far. Two-handed swords also cut a size-able distance, and the shockwave skills are rather decent for range too. Also, that double slash (level 20 multi-hit tree skill) has humongous range all around the warrior. Furthermore, they can throw their sword at level 60. Though the range of their attacks certainly do not match up to a projectile in most cases, warriors certainly have noticeabley longer range than a dagger, knuckles (except for the boom skills). and knights.

If anything the main problem should be their attack speed isn't all that fast, but it's not even that big of a con, since their skills make up for it anyway.

- They can withstand tons of damage.
- They have the highest survivability among all characters.
- They have Excellent defensive stats.
This just seemed redundant.

Other than that, for the most part you've got it. Just add the bit about explorers having the ability to make moolah a bit better and how they can open chests (Which IIRC can contain soul urns), and that's basically it.