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Originally Posted by Esperetta
Lol. Emo, what a horrible label to use. Although I'm sure you mean well..

My understanding;

Emo = Someone who pretends to self harm and be angsty for attention.

Depressed Person = Has a genuine mental illness and may use self-harm as a coping mechanism.

So to call a person with a mental illness is kind of.....insulting/demeaning? Belittling their condition?
I'm obviously not trying to make fun of her or insult her in any way. It's poor choice of words on my part.

Originally Posted by Esperetta
Even though you haven't known each other very long it shows that she feels comfortable and trusts you enough to tell you about it.
The reason she told you about it, is because she wants you to know. Maybe it's her roundabout way of asking for help and/or support whether consciously or subconsciously.
That's kind of strange. I started to ask questions and attempt to comfort her but she zips her mouth and doesn't speak.
I should add that we talk about life issues all the time. Bullies, trends, snobs, teachers, having a job, living by ourselves in a few years, etc. It's never really about what we're doing on the weekend or if this dress makes me look fat. Depression relates to these issues more, so I'm guessing that's why she said it.

Originally Posted by Esperetta
Everyone deals and goes through depression a little bit different from each other. Depression in a nutshell is when a person faces an obstacle or situation where, they just cannot cope or deal with. So they may resort to self-harm, like cutting.

People usually cut or self-harm because they have no other outlet or coping mechanism to employ. It's usually triggered by something, might be an event, something somebody said, something they thought off that made them upset~ When they self-harm, apparently there is a feeling of relief whether psychological or from the endorphins released in the brain (physiological).
Relief? Gosh, I couldn't imagine how that would calm someone. I understand how she can't help the fact that her parents fight, but never imagined it could get this bad.

Originally Posted by Esperetta
It may not be easy. Depressed people generally tend to be negative people, and sometimes they can lash out! Also you may get sucked into the vortex of their negativity. Misery LOVES company. So be aware of your own boundaries, needs and limitations.
Bleh, it's okay. I understand anger. Even if I'm not in her situation I know it's only her emotions and she will probably not mean all the insults she throws at me. The thing I'm more concerned about is if she will talk to me about her situation. If she told me she harms herself... why not tell me her situation? I doubt she wants attention, she's not one of those girls.

Thanks for your help. The links helped as well.