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Originally Posted by BoredomKillz
when you open up your inventory on the bottom of the window there are a few buttons. one for dismantle, discard, skill notebook (if you have it), and one for socketing. if you press the socket one your cursor will turn in to a gem (icon for advanced magic stones) and then you click on the equip you want to socket. the tab will then automatically go to the tab with magic stones. simply drag a magic stone into the square slot that appears and then press the socket button. if you want to resocket something just drag a stone into the slot you want to resocket.

little bit more about sockets. white named equips only have one slot, yellow have two, purple have three, and that unique tan w/e color it is have 4 (this is for weapons armor has one less slot than weapons)

you can try here

the thing about elwiki is that when it comes to equips and such its not really that great lol

if you can understand the engrish of google translate than you can try the japanese wiki
Google Translate

other than that there really arent any good compilations for elsword. there was a thread on the official forums with all the secret sets and henrir but i dont know what happened to it. ill look for it when i get home /at school

if you have a high enough evasion then sometimes when something attacks you itll miss. so basically the attack animation will happen but you wont get flinched or take damage. its good if youre being combo locked, but not really wise to bet the game on it lol if youve fought dark elves at 5-1 or 5-2 or the boss of 5-2 then you can see that you will miss often because of their high evasion. the same thing with accuracy. with more of it the less likely you are to miss

EDIT: nvm about that thread on the forums, it seems that half of it was deleted including the post with all the stats and stuff. thats official forums for you o3o
Wow. Thank you for all the info.

One more question, when I socket a new gem into the fashion gears, what happens to the previous stats that were on the fashion gear? Will the previous stat be lost and be replaced with the new stat from the socketed gem?