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Originally Posted by BoredomKillz
ya that pretty much applies to any character. however just my personal opinion is that if you dont want to pvp the move/jump speed isnt really necessary. but really thats just me lol

also for the stats on the fashion sets. you can choose between the set options that are given to you when you buy them, but you can change it to w/e you want via socketing. so pretty much it acts like any other equip and you can resocket to the stat that you want

for equips youll want a secret set or henrir set. you can research the set effects to see which one your favor more. if you dont want to deal with the hassle of making those, then the next bet would be crafted master items (class specific) from weapon shops
Thank you BoredomKillz.

Wha? Wait a second! You can change the stats on the fashion sets?!? Woah this is totally not like Ragnarok Online. Out of curiosity, how do you socket and resocket the stat on fashion and equip sets?

Also, is there a specific website that you would recommend I should go to for research as well as explainations on set effects?

Oh yeah! One more question... why do players in PvP need accuracy and dodge? With Elsword being a side scrolling MMO action game I thought you either hit or miss depending on the position of your character and your opponent just like Mario and Luigi...