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Originally Posted by Densebrains
Hello Conspire and Attendant,

I only just started playing this game about 1 week ago...

I can see that there is a slot for normal gears but there is also a slot for fashion gears.

I am currently in the process of choosing fashion gears but I notice that we can add a magic stone ability to the fashion gear from the restricted list available.

I have got Fashion Gears for both my Battle Magician and Eve who will become a Code Electra.

1.) My question is, what stats should I choose for the fashion gears to enhance my BM and CE's abilities? (I don't like pvp much by the way, I just like story mode and normal leveling

2.) I would also like to know what is the best Normal Gears available for me to obtain when I reach level 60?

I need to know what I am able to get for normal gears so that I can adjust the magic stones on my fashion items to enhance or make up for the stats given by my normal gears.

Could you help me with this?


Hmm... ok... how about a different way of phrasing the question... I will be having a Battle Mage, Trapping Ranger and a Code Electra.

What stats should I try to get each of them when I get new equipment?

Does Conspire's suggestion apply to all characters:

Originally Posted by Conspire
Get 20% ASPD, 18% Run/Jump, 10-20% of each Additional Attack and Damage Reduction (Only if you plan on PvPing), plus 20% Accuracy (again, only for PvP), then rest for Crit.
Or should there be a different focus for each character?

I really have no idea of the mechanics of this game which is why I am asking a lot of questions...

Any comments on the above would be great thank you.