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Originally Posted by Cybolt

What combos/equips/skills do the top ranked RFs use in KR for PvE and PvP? Any tips on improving the ZZX<<> loop (or is it just something I need to practice more myself?)

I have heard about the Weapon Break nerf from 70% to 33% but was wondering what else changed for RFs (and Ravens in general) in KR compared to NA?

Thank you for any help or advice you may have on this.
Concerning combos, ZZZ>>^Z (normal dungeon combo), ZZZ>>^ZX (OT's alternative to the normal dungeon combo), ZZZ>>^XX (RF's alternative to the last combo), ZZX<<> loop (for MP regen and to KD less frequently), ZZXX^>vX (KD reset combo in dungeons, not exactly easy to perform), >>^ZXX^>vX (same as the one before, but OT can do it in a different way), ZZ(Z)>>X loop (to keep the enemy from being pushed back), ZZ(X)>><> loop (to stack elements on whatever you want, quite hard to perform), ZZ(X)<<> loop (same as the one before, but much easier to perform, but also slower), XX>XX*skill/buff* (pretty decent combo when you have that RF passive that increases the damage of X attacks) and probably many more that I didn't list, but these should be enough. The ZZ loops, I don't recommend practicing much since you aren't a BM, therefore you don't have the passive that increases crit ratio when you hit with the sword.

Concerning equips, not really sure, I've seen some RFs with 4-X gear, but when it comes to socketing,
Originally Posted by Conspire
Get 20% ASPD, 18% Run/Jump, 10-20% of each Additional Attack and Damage Reduction (Only if you plan on PvPing), plus 20% Accuracy (again, only for PvP), then rest for Crit.
Concerning skills, X-Crash, Arc Enemy, Weapon Break, Ground Impact, Shadow Strafe, Wild Charge, and skills like Burning Rush (when used correctly), Buffs and Breaking Fist (when it's out in NA) get honorable mentions. If you only have an A slot, X-Crash, Arc Enemy, Weapon Break and Shadow Strafe (with piercing and skill note) should suffice.

ZZX<<> loop is a bit tricky to get used to, but the way I do it is that when my Raven is about to do the slap thing with the X hit (around right before it hits the target), I input the <<> and repeat. I currently have 16% attack speed on my Raven, if that helps at all.

I can't really answer the last question because currently I don't play either of those versions, so I wouldn't know.

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