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Download Playinter - เป็นบริการเพื่** นวยความสะดวกในกา ดาวน์โหลดไฟล์เกม ต่างๆ

had the same problem for months and after I got banned this week in lol I put the full name of the file on google and found someone who had the client , 200kb/s too

Guys one question about that play 10 games event , you get the prizes corresponding to the actual DAYS you have played ? if you play 10 pvp last day get only the 100k G and etc , but ifyou play the last one and the one before it you get 160k G and etc? or you get the stuff corresponding to the NUMBER of days you have played ? ( if you played only the last day , you get the first price ( some exp capsules))