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Hello Conspire and Attendant,

I only just started playing this game about 1 week ago...

I can see that there is a slot for normal gears but there is also a slot for fashion gears.

I am currently in the process of choosing fashion gears but I notice that we can add a magic stone ability to the fashion gear from the restricted list available.

I have got Fashion Gears for both my Battle Magician and Eve who will become a Code Electra.

1.) My question is, what stats should I choose for the fashion gears to enhance my BM and CE's abilities? (I don't like pvp much by the way, I just like story mode and normal leveling

2.) I would also like to know what is the best Normal Gears available for me to obtain when I reach level 60?

I need to know what I am able to get for normal gears so that I can adjust the magic stones on my fashion items to enhance or make up for the stats given by my normal gears.

Could you help me with this?