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Originally Posted by xSHiF7
Hi im new to ggFTW i have been playing trickster for 2 months (Magican lv 118) and can u tell me how to change my avatar in ggFTW i dont know where to go?

wasn't online for a very long time anyway,, what was that? how to change avi?? uh lets check first shall we??

1. have you posted at least 6 (yes 6 not 5) posts already?
2. just go to your control panel or user cp on top beside "blog"
3. choose edit avatar
go down to the next box: custom avatar
5a. if the pic you want as an avi is in another website (ie. photobucket, facebook) just copy the link and post it in the box for option 1.
5b. if its in your computer choose option 2 and click browse and just find the photo you need and click open (just like how you change/select avis in different sites =) )
6. save changes and reload your page to see if it worked.

i hoped that helped,, and welcome to ggftw ~~ did you post any welcoming thread? ill go there and formally welcome you ^^

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