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Default Call of the Masters Event

The Call of the Masters!

"Amidst the changing time and alliances, power redistribution is inevitable. The new pioneers who scurry along the quarry dreaming of the day they will reach the summit - this is your dream coming to reality. All you need is will."

The Call of the Masters is a simple level up event.

All users who log in between today and June 6th will receive three "Master Cards". These cards can be used to level up any character to Master Level 1 instantly. No grinding, no promotions, no awakening, no cash shop, no foreplay.

The Master Cards are non-tradeable and can be acquired only once. So if you have level 1 characters that you have been thinking of leveling up since the dawn of time, this is your chance.

We have made the first move in helping you reach the level that you need. Do you have it in you to use this opportunity to take it to the next level??

The Masters are calling!

I spoke to IMC about certain families not receiving their cards and it is because of a minimum requirement. The families should be a minimum level of 8 (Family Level - not character level). Level up your family to 8 and login once again and you will receive the Master Cards

Quinzel's Legacy and Raiden's Dominion VII

This series are bringing never before released items to the new world, including a new genre of costumes and weapons and also includes the rarest of chips that can be found in the server!

Cash Shop Updates

Added Quinzel's Legacy VII
Added Raiden's Dominion VII

Removed Quinzel's Legacy V
Removed Raiden's Dominion V

Other Changes

- Changed the X World PVP session time to cater to the users from Europe - GMT

Quinzel's Legacy VII:

- Dragon Heart
- Dragon Heart Recipe
- Symbol of Naraka
- Elite Piernoente Armor
- Elite Inviardeco Armor
- Elite Camarylis Armor
- Elite Calienalbino Armor
- Elite Geniaruleano Armor
- Enchantment Chip Expert
- Constellation Symbol Box
- Rose Wing Coupon
- Citadel of the Gods Pass (7 days)
- Normal Enchant Sedative
- Upgrade Accelerator
- Blue Serpent - Musketeer Female
- The Protection of Terhea - Blunt Weapon Costume
- Le Sagittaire Optimiste - Grace
- Le Sagittaire Optimiste Hair - Grace

- Enchantment Chip - Veteran
- Elite Treasure Box

Raiden's Dominion VII:

- Angel Jael's Javelin (33 AR)
- La Purete de L'aigue-marine (33 AR, +40 Ice Dmg - Jewel Ice Bracelet)

- Enchantment Chip Expert
- Piece of Naraka - Al
- Premium Wing Coupon
- Constellation Symbol Box
- Citadel of the Gods Pass (7 days)
- Dragon's Fury Shotgun
- Archangel Heart
- Siren's Scale
- Seeds of Rafflesia
- Swampangler Spinel
- Citadel of the Gods Pass (1 day)
- Socket Flux
- Veteran G Exp Cards
- Enchantment Chip - Veteran
- Elite Treasure Box

SOURCE: The Call of the Masters event, Raiden's Dominion VII and Quinzel's Legacy VII - GamersFirst Forums

Grace's Outfit set :O~ but I don't want to take off her old feso outfit :{
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