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New picture and supposed info on it?

New Area, New Story

In season 1, we have seen how our character starts out as a lowly mercenary in Cholhen and rises up to the ranks of an Imperial Knight.

Season 2 will be staged in a different town called Morban. A seaside town where treasure hunters have gathered in search of riches. There are several islands with varying environments close to Morban thus players will be able to have a wider variety of experiences.

Season 2 will be updated periodically in episodes and each episode will bring new story and battles. Season 1 completion is not required in order to proceed Season 2 and it is possible to proceed both seasons at simultaneously. Some of the sub stories of Season 2 will have hidden elements that are related with the story of Season 1 so make sure to keep an eye out for them.

New Battles

We have redoubled our efforts to provide unique battles in Season 2 and have some creative combat elements under development.

A large number of new monster patterns have been added. Each monster will display a variety of never-seen-before moves and players will be required to play more strategically

We also added a new system for players to be able to go back to a previously explored area unlike the previous linear system. This new method of moving around dungeons will be related with the new reward system and we hope it provides a more interesting gaming experience.

Character Progression Revamp

Character progression has been changed to provide a smoother experience for players. First of all, characters will now gain additional stats from leveling up.

In order to balance out the additional stats, story related titles will have their stats reduced or removed. This has been done in order to reduce the stress of having to obtain story titles all over again when leveling a new character. Titles that are not related to story will not be effected by these changed, of course.

New rewards are also prepared for players with a large number of titles. These rewards can be obtained anytime after the Season 2 update as long as the player has the required number of titles.

Low level gear more easily obtainable

Low, to mid level gear will be more easily obtainable due to the reduced types or number of mats required to craft gear and monsters will not only drop mats but crafted gear as well. Additional gear have also been added.

Take note that these changes do no affect the difficulty of obtaining gear above lv 50 that much. This change is centered around increasing the fun of obtaining/switching gear.

Character skill use improvement and balancing

Lann, Fiona, and Karok will be revamped and Evie and Kai will also receive some tweaks. Skills that weren't used often will have their stats or action improved allowing the players a wider variety of choices.

The SP skills which relied on the use of two buttons will also be improved.
The SP requirements for skills and SP gain will be tweaked to allow quicker use of skills and we are considering adding a new control method of using these skills.

In addition to this, existing skills will have their max ranks increased and new action skills will be added.

UI improvement

The UI will be improved to better support users. We have compiled a list of suggestions and started working on a priority basis.

The UI functions that are most frequently used will be the first to be tweaked and they will be applied to the test server first for feedback.

We have more content and improvements to existing contents in preparation (and also a very surprising content that we can't reveal yet)

Some of these updates are currently under development and once internal testing is complete, we will show it on the test server for feedback. We will discuss each developments on the developers notes before updating them on the test server. Each update will be updated in parts on the test server in the order they're ready.

We hope to make an update that you enjoy and before ending this note, we bring you an artwork of the Season 2 raid boss that we have mentioned in the Nexon Developers Conference, the Kraken.

(Or Nexon forums could just be trolling again)