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Originally Posted by Esper
With the tremendous growth of our ggFTW community, we have met many new and old members. The Events Team has held quite a wide variety of events but they aren't widely participated as before.

To help remedy this situation, we would like the community to take a few minutes to give us some feedback on the questionnaire below. Everything will be read with care.

Required Questions
  • What type of event(s) would interest you?[Any events really something to challenge our minds maybe make us research something or learn something or picture events,fashion you can make event out of anything now a days really I'm sure there are lots of players with different interests I'm sure if they are a ggFTW member they will try the event out ]
  • What prizes do you prefer to win? If it is something we do not provide, please elaborate and we will see what can be done.[Well personally for me maybe those cool titles would be nice but besides that nothing really just the fact i can take time out of my day to compete in a event and try to win makes my day more fun ]
  • Which of the current events do you have no interest in and why?[ i haven't done a event yet in ggFTW i don't know where to find events >.< ]
  • If you do not participate in our ggFTW Events, why not? [ i don't know where to find them i would like too though!! ]

Optional Questions
  • What type of Events & Prizes would you like to see more of?
  • If you could change any of our past event(s), what would you change to improve it?
  • Do you have a rough event idea? Feel free to say so and we'll see how doable it is.

You may submit your questionnaire in this thread or PM to Mirae.

As a Heads up...
If you ever get a rough idea for an event, you are more than welcome to send a PM to Mirae and I will read it. We will see what can be done to create it.
Thank you for your time.
i didn't see anyone post anything on this thread so i decided too i been roaming ggFTW for a couple of weeks now i like it all ^_^
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