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Default ~Trickster player here~nice to meet ya~will help ggftw newbies^^

Hi there, my name is NyX and i really love ggftw~ most of my unanswered question are answered here and i would love to thank the people behind the awesome infos.

My reason for registering
is actually because i wanna help other players too, though i, myself, am a newbie (well not as newbie as before XD ) and because of that i know how hard it is when you have so many questions about the game your playing and no one can answer you >.<, my other reason is because i wanna finish the story and write about it XD for all spoiler-loving people out there. ( for those who don't, dun worry i'll put ">.< read at your own risk >.<" ^^)

some stuffs about me in-game:

Game: Trickster Online
Server: Jewelia (Ruby Island)
IGN: oOoEveCreutzoOo
Class: Sheep (Bard AOTM)
Guild: ~Serenity~
Likes/Loves: polite newbies, ice cream, helpful pros, my guild and guildmates,
ice cream, RAVENWOOD and RAY (they're mine!!), new stuffs, ice cream, and more ice cream XDD

DEFINITELY LOVES: ANIME!!!!! (i didn't want to put it really, cause i don't think it has any relevance to the game but, i just can't bear it any longer, i don't feel like im being true to myself if i won't let the world know who i really am and what i really love XD), long white haired bishies!!

(who likes them anyway? ) specially newbies >3, Unfair things (includes in-game events >3), late important information (about in-game events), boastful people . . . etc.?

and yea, i guess that's all =)
it's night time here btw~~ so em gonna sleep now ~.~ nice meeting you all ^_^
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