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Originally Posted by Lyn
Yeah, Pegazuss and Lokinho0 are the same person, if he has indeed scammed. ):

First of all, this person is Brazilian and told me he doesn't speak much English. Lokinho0 was the first character he used to get in touch with me about buying a 4G Card 1. After I refused his offer, he came back the next day on Pegazuss to ask if I would reconsider. Pegazuss identified me by name, spoke to me in Portuguese and had the same style of talking as Lokinho0. That's how I figured it was the same person, besides the fact that he was asking about the same 4G1 Lokinho0 did the day before.

I didn't want to negotiate further, so I whisper blocked both characters.

For those who might've missed this, I'm linking PrincipeSeboso with Lokinho0 and Pegazuss, the same person who scammed VitalisChryses some time ago.

Here are the identical bulletins, so it looks to me like it's the same person.