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Default Adventure Quest Worlds

Game Name
Adventure Quest Worlds

Link to Official Site (or state that there is none)
Adventure Quest Worlds - New release! MMORPG and browser game to play online

Does it have guilds?

Sadly... IDK... No? You can make groups and link to FaceBook

Does it need a market section?

It has shops, but can't trade items

How much interest do you estimate? (1-10 scale, 10 being the highest)

It has SOME lag, but it's because of so many players. There's servers for Canned-Chat AND Free Chat. As well as servers for Members Only.

It's really easy to grind, not too easy for noobs, you'll need a tutorial for that, I'll be happy to post one.

There are, like, 35 different classes. Instead of being stuck with just one, you're able to equip them like gear; which makes it easy for some players when fighting a boss mid-battle.

Each player has a 30-slot inventory and a 20-slot temporary inventory for Quest Items. You can buy 10 more slots for 200AC (or around $10(?) in technical terms)

Buying items consists of Gold, normal currency; AC, bought-with-cash currency; or member-only purchases.

There is a Suggestion Shop, where players freely submit equipment and weapon ideas to the company and they turn it into an item to be shown here. You can even pick the price, level, rarity, etc; As well as type for weapons and whether or not the item can be enhanced(enchanted for better performance)

This game is truly epic, even though it doesn't have much. It's mainly story-based, and bosses are hard to solo. But it's worth it. Especially if you have the rare Card Collector class. Mine has max Luck, with 100.97% critical chance, the highest you can get ^_^

IGN: Richeyz
Common Server: Zorbak (Canned-Chat)

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